Paintball Gear On A Budget!

by Bo Tiffany
(Kwa-Zulu natal, South Africa)

my camo clothing

my camo clothing

My paintball gear is mostly made up of cheap stuff picked up from all over the place.

I'm 16 and I've just started playing paintball, which is why I've subscribed to this Awesome site. All these tips are great. I've become rather good at playing woodsball and speedball and was even asked to join a local club :)

Anyway that's besides the point. At the moment
I'm renting a warrior marker, it works really well. It's light to carry around which is an advantage. I'm working at saving up for my own marker.

Most of my teammates have Tippmans so I'm thinking of getting one of those from They're not the cheapest but are very good quality.

My gear consists of an old pair of camo pants ,2 green t-shirts and some awesome leather boots(Adventure) I picked up for a really low price. They are durable and comfortable.

My Proto Rental Mask is really good fits nicely and doesn't fog. It's nothing fancy but it has served me well and I'm really hard to spot in the woods and I blend in with the surrounding area. Also what I like to do is take a jacket and roll it in some leaves so that the leaves stick to the jacket making a temporary ghillie suit lol.

It also helps to wear a bandanna under your helmet to stop fogging, well that's about it, who says you need expensive gear haha.

I'm really enjoying paintball it's real fun and this site has helped a lot. :)

Aorry I'm not writing about anything in particular, just that your gear can be anything you can use to your advantage, expensive isn't always best, creativity counts too.

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