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The Tippmann paintball grenade launcher is a much sought after piece of equipment for paintball games simply because it looks exactly like a current issue US Military M203 Grenade Launcher.

paintball grenade launcher In fact, this M203 paintball blaster is used for training and weapons simulation exercises held by the U.S. Department of Defense and other military agencies world wide. Known as the Eagle 47, the Tippmann paintball grenade launcher is a gun mounted paint marker system that launches 47-millimeter paint balls. It is capable of slinging a series of several three to five ounce paint laden bombs at the enemy. The paintballs are manually fed into this machine using a breach breakaway barrel assembly. The paintballs are propelled by compressed CO2 gas.

The Tippman paintball grenade launcher is a very sophisticated and expensive device that is constructed of all steel and aluminum.

All surfaces are anodized or coated with oxide powder just like a real grenade launcher. The mounting assembly is designed to accommodate different Tippmann pneumatic paint ball marker systems.

The ammunition for the Tippmann model paintball grenade launcher system consists of marking paint. The paint is contained in a thin walled rubber bladder encased in a cardboard breakaway shell casing, or an injection molded Styrene plastic shell casing.

When the rounds of these paint balls are detonated, anyone hit with one in a military exercise is considered to be a casualty.

grenade launcher ammo

Don't get too excited though. It is very difficult for an ordinary citizen to get their hands on the M203 although you might be able to find one on the aftermarket.

The Tippman Grenade launcher is capable of shooting other things besides the standard color marking paintballs. It can also shoot glow in the dark paint balls to facilitate nighttime military exercises, or odored fluids that simulate a gas, chemical or biological attack.

It can also shoot standard shells, which does not make this gun a favorite among those who consider paintballs guns to be weapons.

Tippmann grenade launcher

A retail model of this paintball grenade launcher was created by Tippmann to accommodate popular demand for it. It is called the TM 203 Tippman Grenade launcher. It is more like a gun than a cannon and capable of shooting ordinary paintballs as well as grenades. This serious piece of steel is touted as the only "true, under gun mounted paint launcher"...

TM 203 Tippman grenade launcher

It boasts brass fixtures as well so consider this paintball grenade launcher to be an investment.

Although the Tippmann Grenade Launcher TM 203 is capable of firing shotgun type rounds, it was designed to deploy single shot, bomb type ammunition. It is capable of throwing up to 6 to 8oz. of marking liquid up to 60 yards with a military like precision and accuracy. An in line regulator maintains a constant operating pressure and an open system that automatically recharges the expansion chamber after every shot is fired. Another virtue of this life like toy is its astonishingly slow, maximum muzzle velocity, which is only 80-100 fps.

The Tippmann Grenade Launcher TM 203 is also the only breach loaded single shot cannon of its type on the market.

You may find a on Ebay.


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