Paintball gun buying help!

by robert baker

I've been playing paintball for about 5 years now and my friend and I are starting to get real in into it. I was wondering what would you guys say the best gun would be, please don't say a $1,000 gun..... I've been using tippmanns. I have a project salvo, at the moment I'm trying to get the response trigger and cyclone feed for it. But before I buy it i was wondering what gun I should get, I'm a little bit more of a laid back player and I would also like the gun to have decent FPS and decent accuracy. Also I'd like it to use both Co2 and compressed air. Thank in advance for the help.

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Jun 30, 2011
JT Stealth
by: Anonymous

I use the JT Stealth Pb gun. It's definitely NOT a speedball gun, but if you play a lot of woodsball it will work really well for you. They are tough, easy to maintain and clean, and are very accurate. They are normally priced between 180-200$, but I got an AWESOME deal on my and got it for 60 at Academy Sports and Outdoors.
P.S. The bipod falls off easily...

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