Why Paintball Gun Cleaning Is An Important And How To Clean A Paintball Gun!

I know paintball gun cleaning sounds like a boring article. But it's important

to the short term and long term success of your marker.

Cleaning Your Paintball Marker: Want your investment in your paintball marker to last? Then you need to keep your marker both cleaned and properly lubricated. But, first and foremost, you must read the manual to your marker. I know that this is not something you want to take the time to do, but it is of utmost importance. Learn all about the parts of your marker, the names of the parts, what they do, how they work.

Otherwise, here's how to clean a paintball gun...

Paintball gun cleaning tip #1: Upon finishing a day of play, you should be sure to remove all pieces of broken paintball from your marker. Strip down your marker and do a good job. About once a month, more often if you are an avid player, you should really give your marker a thorough cleaning and lubrication.

Paintball gun cleaning tip #2 First you need to make sure that your have disconnected your tank or air supply. Next, you need to disassemble your marker according to the manual. Place the parts on your work surface in relation to where they were removed from the marker. This may ease some of your frustrations upon reassembly of your marker.

Paintball gun cleaning tip #3 Use your squeegee, preferably the pull-through variety, to clean the inside of your barrel. This should remove any particles that are stuck to the inside of your barrel. Use warm water and a towel to clean the inside and outside of the barrel. Be sure that your barrel is then dried out.

Paintball gun cleaning tip #4 Next use warm water and a paper towel to clean

your hammer and bolt. Dry thoroughly. Locate the o-rings and inspect them. Also, when lubricating your marker, be sure to use only the lubricants the manufacturer recommends as some lubricants can damage the o-rings and lead to air leaks. Be sure to replace any o-rings that look old or damaged.

Paintball cleaning tip #5 Clean the inside parts of your marker with either a toothbrush, Q-tip, paper towel or other appropriate utensil. Don't leave out those places that are hard to reach. They need cleaning too.

Cleaning Tip #6 The last part of your marker to be cleaned is the grip-frame. Be sure to clear all of the pieces of paint from the grip. This may require an old toothbrush or even a brush that is slightly tougher.

Last Cleaning Tip: Lastly, you will want to make sure that all the parts are properly lubricated before you reassemble your marker. Once again, use only a lubricant that is approved by your marker's manufacturer to prevent damage to any of the parts of your marker.

Take your time and be sure to clean and lubricate your marker correctly. Taking the time to follow all these steps will make your marker work to the best of its ability and last for years. Now it is time to reassemble your marker. If you have any question about where to install a part of your marker, always refer to your manual. Also, keep in mind that your marker's manufacturer can provide you with any technical support you may need. Just don't be afraid to ask. Your marker is an investment and you should take care of it and keep it in the best working condition possible.

I'm pretty sure you learned a few things about how to clean a paintball gun, right? If not, peruse our site for articles and tips on paintball.

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