How Does A Paintball Gun Expansion Chamber Work?

If you ever wanted to know how a paintball gun expansion

chamber works, or if you need one, read on...

Are you using a CO2 and having problems with efficiency or having spikes in velocity? If so, you may need to invest in an expansion chamber for your paintball gun. If you use CO2, the CO2 tank contains liquid CO2. For most paintball guns, the liquid CO2 must expand into a gas form before it enters the valve of your gun. An expansion chamber will give your shot more consistent speed and make your air pressure more efficient per shot.

A paintball gun expansion chamber will connect your CO2 tank to your paintball gun. It provides space for the liquid CO2 to expand into a gas. Occurring most frequently on guns with a bottom-line type of expansion chambersetup, liquid CO2 trying to follow gravity out of a horizontal CO2 bottle can cause erratic introduction of CO2.

A paintball gun expansion chamber can help by providing some vertical area for the gas to form and follow gravity. However, if your gun uses a remote line setup, an expansion chamber may not alleviate your problems. For each chamber that an expansion chamber contains, the better the chamber will work. An expansion chamber also allows the gas to warm before it enters your paintball gun.

How To Buy A Paintball Gun Expansion Chamber

If you think you may need to buy an expansion chamber, first

be sure that the problem you are having is a consistent CO2 problem. Then, look for an expansion chamber that has ridges or more surface area. More chambers or surface area allows for more heat from the outside air to warm the CO2 and turn it into gas. Also, expansion chambers actually have several small chambers inside. The more chambers, the better the unit will work.

Paintball gun expansion chambers can be connected from your tank to your paintball gun in different ways. However, a vertical expansion chamber that doubles as a grip can effectively use your hand's heat to help turn liquid CO2 into gas and provide a vertical route into your gun. A vertical expansion chamber can help prevent liquid CO2 from entering your gun.

Because all metals are good heat conductors, a metal expansion chambers made will be efficient in conducting the heat to turn liquid CO2 into gas. Look for an expansion chamber that is at least partially metal.

As for the price range on a paintball gun expansion chamber, it can range from $25 on up, depending on the brand and the number of chambers you want for your paintball gun. For example, a 4-stage (4 chamber) expansion chamber will cost you around $29 while a 6-stage (6 chamber) will cost you approximately $39. The style of the expansion chamber will also vary. You can get the standard cylindrical shaped expansion chamber or the magazine style expansion chamber. However, if you are looking to purchase an authentic looking magazine style expansion chamber, be prepared to spend a little more money, even upwards of $69.

If you are unsure of the cause of your problems with your shot, an expansion chamber may not be too expensive of an option to test. But, if you can tell that the problem is that your air flow is inefficient and the velocity of your shots vary, get yourself an expansion chamber.

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