What You Don't Know About Paintball Gun Regulators May Hurt Your Gun Performance

paintball gun regulator

Do paintball gun regulators really matter? I mean, do you need to know much about them if you just want to play for fun? Yes!!!

When shooting your paintball gun, accuracy is the key. Carrying a gun that has "pressure bleed off" into weekend or tournament play is a quick way to end up watching the action from the sidelines. Controlling the air pressure in you marker is a great way to effectively win against your opponents. With air pressure control, players have a more consistent exit velocity resulting in more accuracy. The following information explains why adding a regulator to your gun should increase your level of competitiveness.

By using a valve that shuts off air from the tank after pressure inside of the paintball gun regulator has reached a specific level, regulators are able to capture and control the air pressure released from your tank. This keeps the air pressure being released into your gun at a consistent level. When choosing a regulator, it is best to get one that is capable of holding irregular air pressure from your tank by opening and closing a valve.

There is more than one operating pressure for paintball guns.

Low-pressure guns (with pressures as low as 200 pounds per square inch) require regulators because the CO2 in your tank routinely produces 850 pounds per square inch of pressure. Paintball gun regulators are required to decrease the gas pressure down to usable levels. Although not essential, many players choose to use two regulators to step down the pressure from the tank to the muzzle. The advantage of a two-regulator setup is a more uniform performance. The first regulator may decrease the pressure from the tank in half. The second regulator would again reduce the pressure in half resulting in the proper ending pressure for the operation of the gun.

While a single regulator configuration will work adequately for the most players, more experienced players often choose to use two paintball gun regulators. Interestingly, using more than two regulators, including one that's part of a gun, is not advised due to the mechanical nature of the internal valves. More regulators and therefore more valves on a paint ball gun can impair the airflow necessary to fire the gun rapidly. So a maximum of two regulators per gun will yield the optimal performance you desire.

There are many things to consider when purchasing regulators for your paint ball gun. For instance, if your regulator has a gauge, make sure it tests the air pressure coming out of the regulator. Gauges measuring air pressure coming into the regulator from the tank are not useful. They tell you how much pressure is left in your tank, but they do not tell you if the exiting pressure from the regulator is what your paint ball gun requires.

For more experienced players, it is important to consider that less expensive paintball gun regulators may not be able to keep up with a high rate of fire due to their slow recharging times. Tournament players need to ensure the regulator you choose has a tournament lock so you are not potentially disqualified from the game.

Paintball gun regulators are a great way to improve the performance of your equipment, which will lead to more victories on the battlefield. Good shooting.

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