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Paintball guns (also known as "markers) shoot paintballs at an opponent in the game, paintball. Paintball markers use carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) or compressed air to fire the paintball out.

Markers have large refillable cylinders, or tanks, which can produce more than a hundred shots. Others use powerlets, which can store carbon dioxide and are much smaller and less powerful.

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Here is some information about the basic mechanism of a marker...

Of course, there are paintball markers which have a different structure and way of working. But basically paintballs are forced out by a bolt in the main body of the gun. This bolt is moved by a flow of air. There is also a cocking mechanism, which means that the paintball is put in place of the already shot paintball in the firing chamber.

A paintball gun can be re-cocked by either pump or an automatic machine. The place in the gun where the paintball is waiting for the rush of air to throw it out is called a chamber or a breech.

As it was mentioned before, not all markers have the same structure and way of working, and according to their differences, paintball-guns are divided into five main groups:

  1. Pumps
  2. semi-automatics
  3. pistols
  4. electronic
  5. and stock paintball guns.

Pumps are the cheapest of all markers (it depends on the model, but statistically, they are cheaper than any other paintball markers). And paintball pumps work exactly the same way like pump-action shotguns. Paintball pumps are quite different from semi-automatic paintball markers, because you have to ‘pump’ the balls into the chamber. Nevertheless they are really accurate and may shoot further than the others. But if you want a pump that can shoot as fast as some the semi-automatics, then you should choose those pumps with a constant trigger.

Semi-automatics are the most popular paintball markers. The reason for this is that they can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. There are markers of this type that have such a sensitive trigger that the moment you touch it, the guns shoots. And, you can see, with a trigger like that you can win many games, but naturally, these guns are more expensive.

The third type of markers are the pistols. They are small pocket markers that are powered with 12 grams carbon dioxide (CO2) cartridges, and you have to change the cartridge after the 10th shot. Pistols are often used as back-up, while playing on the field.

paintball guns The best paintball guns are electronic. Their fire modes are different and controlled by a computer chip. The gun can shoot 2-3 even more paintballs at a time, with one pull of the trigger. And, as a result, these electronic guns are not usually used in normal games, since you'll have an unfair advantage.

And the last type of paintball guns are stock guns. They are often ‘beaten’ by the guns of the other groups, because they can hold only 10 paintballs. Another disadvantage of these guns is that they are powered by only one 12 gram CO2 powerlet, which makes them not at all powerful. That is why they are not as popular as the other markers.

These five types of guns differ in one other thing- their manufacturer. Some of the largest producers of markers are: “Spyder”, “Tippmann”, “Brass Eagle”, “Angel”, “Autococker” and many others. So, you can easily find that gun that responds to your needs and fits you best.

When you get your paintball marker and play with it regularly, you will encounter all of it's strengths and weaknesses. One is ease of use and balance. Get a drop forward to make your paintball game more fun and easier.

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