The Tactical Paintball Harness

paintball harness

Have you ever played a game of paintball and found yourself in no mans land armed with an empty hopper and empty tubes of paintballs while facing an army of opposing forces? Not what you would want but it does happen on a very regular basis and this is where forward planning helps.

Imagine being in the mother of all paintball wars and finding that you have just unleashed your last barrage of paintballs, now this is the time where forward planning comes into action.

Without forward planning you find yourself staring down many opposing guns with opposing players itching to fire on you but with forward planning and a tactical paintball harness you find yourself with a massive reserve of paintballs to unleash on any one who dares to cross your path.

So far your probably thinking that we are talking in a cryptic manner or that the tactical paintball harness has mystical powers that will keep your supply line for paintballs endless, well this isn't quite the case but a tactical harness does possess the ability to make a difference between winning and losing in a game of paintball.

A tactical paintball harness is actually a specially designed paintball belt or vest that allows you to carry multiple packs of paintballs and more, they are the perfect accessory for those playing large paintball games.

With the technology of today's paintball guns you can shoot hundreds of paintballs in a matter of seconds and it is for this reason many people find themselves with no paintballs to use. In the middle of a game of speedball or war it is important to have back up paint supply's and this is where a harness is important.

As mentioned harnesses come in vest and belt options, the choice of which to purchase depends greatly on the games you play and what your personal preference is. Many harnesses have coding assigned to them such as a number + another number, this dictates the number of pods and tanks a harness can hold, an example being 3 + 1 which means the harness can hold three pods and a tank.

If your looking to add to your current paintball game play then there is no better way than to purchase a tactical paintball harness as it will really add a new dimension to your game by allowing you to spend more time in the field.

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