Paintball is for all types of people!

by Mike
(Fort-Coulonge, Quebec, Canada)

paintball fort

paintball fort

(The picture above is the first fort we built. Not much to look at but we made gnarly one after that day)...

I play almost every second Saturday with my close friends but one of them as a handicap (paraplegic), so we devised a special woodsball scenario game for someone in his condition. We make 2 teams, 1 on offense and 1 on the defense constructed of equal amount of players when possible. The defensive team as for goal of protecting the fort, this fort is built like an' army weapons depot about 6 square feet with 4 feet walls under a 2 feet wide slot all around with a door in the back and a roof to give our friend a fitting chance. So our buddy sits on a swivel seat and his job is to provide suppression fire for the rest of the team, that have the order of protecting specific thin metal target strategically placed around the fort in a triangle formation about 10 yards from the building, which also doubles as a barrier the defensive team has to stay behind and the defense team have to shoot down the targets and whomever gets in the way. After the battle is over we switch sides giving our friend a chance to play with all the guy's during the day. There are also a huge variety of rules one can apply to this game that can be enjoyed by everyone no matter their situation. This way all of us can enjoy hours of battles, proving that paintball is for all types of persons.

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