How To Find Paintball Jobs With Exciting Paintball Companies

Searching for paintball jobs and working in the paintball industry can be challenging. But getting a job in the paintball industry can be very exciting! We get inquiries in this area all the time. We are also asked if there is a job opening in our business. The bad news is, we are not hiring. But the good news is there is a tremendous demand for people to make money in the paintball industry. It's a growing industry, and that! Good jobs too. I am not talking about just cleaning paintball guns and sweeping floors (not that there is anything wrong with that. It's actually a great place to start because you will get tons of experience with paintball equipment. Plus, if you can sell, a good store owner should pay you commissions on your sales). There are jobs available from paintball gun manufacturers, paintball equipment manufacturers, and all kinds of supplemental paintball product manufacturers as well.

So how do you about getting paintball jobs?

There are many ways to get a job the paintball industry. But here are some great tips to help you get started, and maybe even get a job on your first try (we'll cover getting a job in a paintball store, and at a large paintball company)...

Get the attention of a paintball company. Get them interested in YOU! But before we get into that, follow these steps...

Get their attention: If you want to get a job in the paintball industry, like with a paintball equipment company, or a paintball gun manufacturer, it's important to get a resume completed and submitted to the top online resume companies. This will get your 'bait' out there, and you may get a bite right away. Or not. But you should do it right away to get the ball rolling. By the way, be sure to write an effective cover letter. Your resume is important, but it looks like everyone elses. But a good cover letter will be your personal sales person, selling you!

There are many job posting sites out there, but this company will deliver your resume to the top job posting sites out there (Monster, Career Builder etc.). It's well worth it. It will help you find a paintball company job or paintball job in the industry.

If you want to get a paintball job at a local shop, or if a large paintball company is in your area (more on this in a moment), go to all the companies that interest you, and ask if you can fill out an application. Be sure you are dressed very nice, and be as professional as possible. First impressions are huge. Not only is the business owner judging you for a paintball job, the other employees are judging as well. You never know how much pull they have with the owners!

Be nice and courteous, and say you will be back. And be back at exactly the time you say you will be back. Business owners focus on the details, so if you say..."I don't know, I might be back later today or tomorrow." The owner will think you are flaky. Be a pro! and be sure to answer the questions with intelligence. After you get the application for your potential paintball job, go home and fill it out.

If you can't afford to have a cover letter and resume created professionally ($150-$500), get a good book on the subject, or use this companies resource. A good cover letter and resume is crucial. Remember, first impressions are important to your success. But first impressions on paper are just as important. Don't simply fill out an applications for a paintball job and hope for a call back. Be a pro! Include a cover letter and resume along with it.

Attention: You don't have to have any job experience to have your own resume or cover letter! Draw from life experiences in school, athletics, even vacations. That's right! Be creative, original, and professional, and you'll win more that paintball company job more often than lose on your paintball job hunt. But if you do have experience, focus on the results of things you achieved.

If you want to get a job in a paintball equipment company, a paintball gun manufacturer, or something in the paintball industry rather than a job in a local mom and pop paintball store, here are a few tips...

Go back to the paragraph above that begins with 'Get their attention', and get your resume submitted to the online companies.

After you complete that task, make a list of the paintball companies you would most like to work for. Create a custom cover letter for each company, and send it to one or two important people at the company. Maybe even Fed Ex it for really outstanding impact!

For example, if you want a paintball sales job, submit your cover letter and resume to the Human Resources manager, and also the executive in charge of sales. Sales people want smart, creative, and 'go get'em types. If you send a boring cover letter and resume for a sales job to just the human resources person, forget about it.

If potential paintball jobs are located near you, consider just showing up, and explaining that you are really interested in working for the company. But be sure you know some facts about the company, what they sell, what their top products are, and company history (just look it up on the internet, or ask a librarian at the reference desk if he/she can help you dig up as much info on the company as possible) Find the person in charge of the department you want to work for, and introduce yourself. But don't be a stalker. Just show that you are very interested, and tell them why you should be hired. This works especially well on people who are in charge of marketing and sales.

Good luck in your paintball career! It's going to be fun for you!

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