Can Paintball Kits Save You Money?

paintball kit

Paintball kits are a smart way to buy paintball guns and equipment. Manufacturers and paintball stores are putting together some killer paintball gun packages. And the packages usually have good quality paintball supplies and gear.

But not all of it. They might skimp out on a quality mask or something to boost their profit margins. But the mask is usually good for a couple tournaments (and as long as it's not really hot or cold because cheap masks steam up and that is a big problem. So invest in a good paintball mask.)

Some paintball kits have most of the safety gear to get you going in a match. And others are just paintball gun kits that stick to a small but good package of a paintball gun, balls, hopper, and usually a mask.

A good Paintball kit might include:

  • A paintball marker gun: The main equipment for this game is the marker gun. This is for shooting. It should be reliable, steady and should give a good performance.
  • Safety Skull mask: This should be comfortable and should cover the whole face and head and protect the ears and eyes.
  • Hat: This is an additional safety guard for the head.
  • Paintballs: These should be safe and the color should be easy to wash.
  • Gloves: This is another safety guard which protects your hands.
  • Elbow and knee pads: For the safety of elbows and knees during the game.
  • Safety coveralls: This is for the safe coverage of the body, which include pants and shirt.
  • CO2 filled in cylinder, or one of the new Nitro/HPA systems.
  • Adaptor
  • Barrel swab
  • Rounds hopper

Different paintball kits have different contents. Some of them have Teflon tape, gun oil (to keep the marker gun smooth), bottomline screws, micro fiber cloth (to safely clean the goggles), emergency O-rings for various markers, microde humidifier (to protect from moisture and keep the paint fresh), battle packs, fat boy shot pots, chest protector etc.

You can find kits from various manufacturers:

  • Armotech
  • Electronic paintball gun
  • Refurb paintball guns
  • Piranha paintball gun
  • ACI paintball guns
  • Avalon paintball gun
  • AIM paintball gun
  • 32degrees paintball gun
  • Diablo paintball gun
  • DYE paintball gun
  • Eclipse paintball gun
  • Raven paintball gun
  • Odyssey paintball gun
  • Proto paintball gun
  • Zap paintball gun
  • Evil
  • Matrix
  • Etc.

There are several paintball stores you can go to and find paintball kits. But I like Ebay. There are a lot of good deals there, and you can find paintball packages from regular guys like me selling a used paintball gun. But to spur bidding I might throw in some extra gear.

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