Are Paintball Knee Pads Effective AND Protective?

paintball knee pad

Are paintball knee pads important? Have you ever played paintball and wondered what could have prevented those grazes on your knees? Well there is a perfect paintball accessory to alleviate those sore knee woes, this is paintball knee pads.

Well, knee pads are not important for the casual player. But for the weekend warrior or serious player they are important for various reasons. Well truth told it is not like your traveling fast on a skateboard or roller skates so many would see your point. If you think logically you will be running through dense woodland with numerous amounts of people trying to shoot paintballs at you so the potential to fall over or need to crawl is immense, now you can see the need.

It seems that nearly all amateur and professional paintball enthusiasts are all using knee pads at present, some wear them over their overalls where people can see them while others are more secretive and have them under their protective clothing so no one is aware.

Whether above or below clothing using paintball knee pads can make the difference between winning the war or becoming an early casualty from a well placed paintball to the body.

When you think of pads for your knees you automatically think of large bulky plastic affairs that restrict movement, are uncomfortable to wear and make you look ridiculous. But not for paintball.

These pads cover the knee and in some cases much of the shin area while being made of a supportive and protective material called Neoprene that is comfortable to wear and not cumbersome in style, this makes them very versatile and perfect for paintball.

knee pads

For those that are a little fashion conscious you can choose from a wide variety of different colors when choosing knee pads, although most paintball players tend to go for green or camo designs as this supports their stealth efforts when playing.

If your serious about being a force in your paintball team or simply want to play paintball for pleasure its important to ensure you have all the correct paintball protective clothing and paintball kneepads are one of the most important pieces of protective clothing available. Paintball knee pads may not protect from paintballs flying left, right and center but they do offer you piece of mind as you leap from fox hole to foxhole, ditch to ditch and more to evade your foe.

If you wish to be prepared for your paintball war why not look at adding knee pads to your paintball accessories.

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