Paintball Landmines Make For An Interesting Game

Including paintball landmines can really liven up an otherwise pedestrian looking paintball field.

Landmines can be placed strategically around the field to seriously trip up your opponents by spewing them with a motherload of non-toxic paint.

Arming yourself with a paintball land mine can certainly add a new dimension of surprise to any game.

There are basically two types of paintball landmines: those that are buried in the ground and stepped on, and free standing mines that are triggered by motion or heat sensors.

The second type is considerably more expensive than the type of paintball landmine that is buried in the ground and depending on how many nozzles it has, it can cost up to $500.

The ones that you can step on, which are basically pressurized canisters filled with paint are about ten times cheaper depending on what size and brand that you buy.

Paintball landmines do not come pre-filled with paint. You can buy powder and mix your own paint to fill the landmine or you can buy it pre-mixed in 36-ounce jugs. This type of paint is sold in the usual four colors: red, green, yellow and blue.

A popular and inexpensive brand of make your own landmine paint is Venom Powder Premix.

Master Mine Paintball makes a deluxe paintball land mine that is worth mentioning simply because it contains a light trip cord that can activate the mine from up to 25 feet away. This little military green unit sits above ground and can be disguised with leaves or brush. The manufacturers also recommend hiding it in a tree. It has two adjustable muzzles sitting on top of the paint receptacle that look like horns. This state of the art type landmine allows you to adjust the muzzles to your preferred spray pattern. The Master Mine paintball landmine can either spew a broad spattering of paint of a large, high distance or focus a concentrated stream of paint directly into an opponent's face.

paintball landmines The cheaper canister paintball landmine is usually sold pre-assembled. To operate one, all you have to do is insert a CO2 cartridge inside the canister and fill it with paint. Many of them also come with a safety pin, similar to the kind of pin you find on a grenade, to prevent the accidental discharge of the landmine while you are concealing it in the ground.

A high quality and safe paintball landmine is manufactured by Addicted to Paintball. Unlike some cheaper canister type paintball landmines, this one is made of PVC and does not feature any protruding parts or bolts that have been known to cut players who step on paintball landmines. It is called the Safety Paintball Landmine. Safety is a consideration at all times but it might certainly be a special consideration if you are playing with a younger team.

Also, the use of goggles is absolutely mandatory when playing a game that employs paintball landmines. This is because both above ground and canister type mines are capable of directing a blast of paint right into the face. If you are playing in such a field, it is absolutely mandatory that you don't remove your goggles for any reason as you never know when you might be spewed at by a paintball landmine device.

Paintball land mines are a good investment if you get re-usable land mines and you actually use them in your paintball games.

Here's where you may find cheap paintball landmines , and maybe even the more expensive, quality landmines.


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