What Are Paintball Markers Exactly?

Paintball markers are specialized guns for the game paintball. They project out paintballs with a high pressured air-source, such as Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen

and compressed air, stored into a reservoir, called tank or cartridge.

So, what happens when you pull the trigger? Answer: You release a hummer, which is under high pressure, and it rushes forward and moves a valve. This valve has a specialized stem at its center, which is used to stop the air from entering. The hummer hits the stem, and the air that is into the chamber (breech) moves at a great speed through the valve into the next part of the marker, or the so called bolt. When the air moves forward through a gap into the bolt, it hits the awaiting into the breech paintball. Then it is forced down and out of the barrel right towards the body of your opponent. This is really very simplified description of the mechanism and, of course, there are other things that happen in it.

There are five types of paintball markers, according to the differences in their structure or way of working.

They are pumps, semi-automatics, pistols, electronic and stock paintball markers.

The pumps are much cheaper than the others and work exactly like pump-action shotguns. Their disadvantage is that you have to “pump” the paintball into the chamber, which for some people can be a difficult work. But, nevertheless, pumps are pretty accurate and shoot further than some of the other markers. There are also pumps with constant trigger and you can shoot as fast as some of the semi-automatic markers.

Semi-automatic paintball guns are the guns which are most preferred among paintball players (as far as the statistics show). It is because they shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. There are semi-automatics paintball markers with such a sensitive trigger that the gun shoots at very moment you touch the trigger. And if you have a marker like this you will shoot really very fast.

Then the pistols come. They are small pocket paintball markers used mainly as back-up on the field. The reason is that they are powered with 12 gram Carbon Dioxide cartridges, which makes them less powerful.

And here comes the best of all paintball markers- the electronic marker. They are considered the future of paintball markers, because they have different fire modes controlled by a computer chip. This allows shooting 2-3 or more balls at a time when you have pulled the trigger just once. And, as a result, these guns are not used in regular paintball games, because of the unfair advantage.

The last kind of markers is the stock-markers. They are not as popular as other paintball guns, as they can hold only 10 paintballs, and are powered by a single 12 gram CO2 powerlet. These features make them less powerful and not preferred for playing.

So, those are the types of paintball markers that can be used in paintball games.

A paintball marker? It is nothing more than a paintball gun. And here comes the question, why and how paintball guns have become known as a marker. The truth is that people (and most commonly parents) didn’t like the idea of their children playing with “guns”, so the decision was- CHANGING THE NAME! So, don’t be surprised when you see two words for the same thing.

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