Paintball Masks: First Step Towards Ensuring Safety

The game of paintball is very safe as long

as the players wear protective clothing and paintball masks. No piece of equipment is more important for a player to wear than goggles. If a player finds himself without a marker, then he can at worst lose the game. But a player without face protection will run the risk of getting seriously injured on the face, eye or ear, causing permanent damage.

Like it or not, masks are simply a must have for every paintball player who does not want to risk getting seriously hurt. There are quite a few things that need to be considered when making your purchase.

Tips For Choosing The Right Mask

Choosing a paintball mask is not as simple as purchasing sunglasses or ski goggles. This equipment is specifically designed for paintball and every paintball player must have one while on field. Wearing any other goggles that only protect the eyes will not provide adequate protection.

Paintball masks adhere to certain industry standards and are capable of withstanding an impact at 270 mph. The lenses of some have quite a few characteristics. They are large and offer peripheral vision so that a player can comfortably see through the corner of his eye and track any opposition player lurking behind a bush. Before buying a mask, a player must ensure that it fits snuggly on his head.

Experienced players have revealed that ordinary masks have a tendency to fog whenever a player tries to stalk an opposition. Visibility becomes so poor that it gets very difficult to stalk a target. In a paintball field nothing can be worse than peeping through a smoke screen to look for an opponent. The answer to this problem is thermal lenses. This type of lens is manufactured with anti fogging technology and prevents it from getting blurred.

The mask should only be cleaned with water, as any other cleaning agent will damage the anti-fog film. It also should not impair the hearing ability of a player. One can test this by rubbing the thumb over the earflap. The face shield is another tricky part of the mask. It must allow for easy intake of air as well as protect the nose, mouth and chin.

Ideal Paintball Masks

Paintball masks offer protection to the most vulnerable part of the body, the face and head. Manufactures try to meet the paintball players' expectations by making paintball masks that are always better than the previous one and nearer to the ideal paintball mask.

The objective of a paintball mask is to cover and protect the eyes, temples, ears, nose and mouth. The mask should be so designed that the players wearing spectacles should have no problem in using it. Players should not have any difficulty in cleaning the mask and it should have provision to fit on any head, regardless of the size. The lens must never fog and air must flow in and out from the mask without difficulty.

Some paintball masks have spherical lenses, maxand itmizing peripheral vision while oversized ventilators help in good airflow. Triple density foam provides impact absorption and secure fit.

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