Finding The Right Paintball Pants

Getting a good pair of paintball pants becomes more and more important as you continue to play and excel at paintball. Usually after the first several serious games you realize that your ripped up fatigues or baggy jeans and sweat pants don't cut it anymore.

Paintball is climbing up in the popularity charts like crazy. Like every other competitive sport, serious teams take apparel quite seriously. The players need to be dressed in perfect paintball attire to highlight their sponsors, and to and feel good on the field.

Each team has a uniform that is decided upon by either the players, or the sponsors (depending on how active their role is on the team). A quick run down of the atire for a typical player: jerseys, pants, shirts, gloves and most importantly the safety gear like the protective pads, head, neck and arm wears.

Types Of Paintball Pants...

There are various types of paintball pants available to paintball players. Dye, JT USA, Paintball Junkies, Proto, Raven, WDP and System X are some of the paintball pants available for the paintball players.

2005 Dye C5 pant is produced with all the high quality materials and it is specifically designed to last longer. paintball pants This C5 pant comes with new hyper-flex yoke design. This design enables the pants to flex when the player crouches or bends. These paintball pants have 300 square inches of venting.

The 2005 Dye Hybrid pant is a terrific combination of a fine looking material and durability and is comfortable and lightweight. Reinforced Cordura knee panels help in pulling down the overall weight and is also abrasion resistant. It comes with inner thigh venting, which provides unprecedented air circulation.

The JT 2004 tournament pants have become almost a standard in paintball.

JT paintballpants

They are made with a material that is called 1000 Denier Ballistic Nylon.

They are water resistant and the features include rip resistant stretch crotch, double snap Velcro fly, adjustable waist straps, stretch mesh lower lumbar zone, Ballistic Nylon seat, lycra stretch side panels, drawstring leg closures and rear leg cooling vents. These are very good, and reliable pants.

Proto paintballpants The 2005 Proto Pants are a fashionable looking, performance enhancing and durable pair of paintball-pants. The come with an adjustable waist with Velcro closures which help fit them to your body. The inner thigh venting of these paintball pants will keep you cool under warm conditions. The super strong construction of the body will definitely let the player go for aggressive approaches. Leg Piping and PU logos that the pant sports, gives it a cool and stylish look.

Raven, WDP paintball-pants also come up with great quality materials and safety accessories. These pants are not quite up to par with the above reviewed pants, but they are definately worth the money.

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