Paintball Pistols: Great Backup Markers

About paintball pistols: There is such a large variety of

paintball guns on the market that you can get lost in all the information and advertisements on them.

This article is about the markers that are most preferred as back-up guns among players.

Pistols are small pocket paintball guns. They are usually .68 caliber and powered by a single CO2 powerlet or cartridge. These power sources are not very powerful, as they can produce up to 10 shots, no more. And that is one of the main reasons why players prefer paintball pistols for back-up.

Another reason is that they are very useful, while playing in woods because they are small and can be kept in the pocket, in a harness or in a holster. This can save from your time if you have already seen your opponent and want to act quickly. Pistols are small you can easily shoot before being seen.

Some paintball pistols have advantages, such as the possibility for quick change of the tank, or rubber grips, assuring more comfortable holding. paintball pistols There are paintball markers that can easily be disassembled and cleaned inside (such as Tippmann’s pistols), or others that are upgradeable (for example Armotech).

But try not to expect too much from a pistol. They are handy in woods, and they are helpful as a back-up, but they have their disadvantages. They cannot hold very many paintballs, and they are not so accurate or powerful.

One tip for you if you decide to buy a pistol – look for as much information as you can find, otherwise you may buy something, which may disappoint you afterwords and you will regret for your choice.

If you want a large selection of new and used guns, try Ebay. They have tons of new and used paintball pistols.


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