Paintball Positioning and Movement

by Chris Towler
(Lemon Grove, CA, USA)

Move, move, MOVE. Standing in one place on the paintball field for too long is a deadly trap, ready to backfire into your elimination. Never stay back and "snipe" unless you are the only one doing it. The real game is being played on the front line.

A "sniper" or fall back is there only to try and give their front players the advantage by giving multiple firing angles at a target. The fall back rarely ever eliminates a target...and thats fine, because he is doing his job. This does not give the fall back any reason to stay in the same place though...he or she must be on the move at all times, getting cornered or flanked because you couldn't see the other guy moving up the left side is not an excuse.

The fall back always has the best view of the field and shound be assertive and provide teammate with vital information about the current paintball game in progress.

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