Paintball Rifles!

Paintball Rifles: They may look very similar to their deadly counterparts seen in the military but paintball rifles will do no more than splatter you with paint and maybe cause the odd bruise or two at close range.

The paintball market has exploded in recent years as more and more men and women take to the weekend past time of running through forests and woodland covered in camouflage and face masks trying to shoot each other with a rainbow assortment of paintballs.

One of the coolest manufacturers of rifles for paintball is Tippman. Check out this Tippmann US Army Tactical Paintball Gun (with e-grip)...

paintball rifle

To be able to enjoy playing paintball you can go along to a paintball center and rent a paintball gun, but if you are serious about playing woodsball or scenario paintball, or engage in basic paintball skirmishes frequently (in other words, not speedball or related tournaments and games) then you should really think about purchasing a paintball rifle or sniper rifle.

The market today is flooded with hundreds of brilliant paintball guns to choose from, many of which are replicas of famous guns used in battle theaters across the globe. In fact you can buy markers that act as battle rifles, sniper rifles, hell you can even buy full on heavy machine gun paintball guns.

There is one type of that many professionals do turn to however and these are the elite tactical paintball rifles, these rifles allow for better accuracy and shoot paintballs over further distances. For those taking this a step further you can also purchase a scope for your rifle so you can hunker down in an enclosed spot where no one can see you and pick off your prey as they saunter by.

Choosing the right paintball marker

You really need to think about your preferred style of playing paintball. There are many people who are gung ho and literally barge into the thick of the action all guns blazing like something out of a Schwarzenegger movie, these people are most likely going to enjoy an AK47 paintball style rifle. The more refined paintball players out there who have patience and wish to last out the battle will enjoy something a little more subtle such as a scoped sniper paintball gun.

The prices of all paintball rifles varies greatly too. Truth be told you do get what you pay for but it is important to ensure you can financially afford what you wish to buy. Look around and find the gun type that best suits your paintball game style then review all the rifles and markers within your financial budget so you can buy the one you feel will help you in battle.

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