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Paintball rules are necessary to keep the sport safe and fun for the masses. Without some basic safety guidelines it can be dangerous. First off everyone should always be wearing face protection (even in the dead zone when in range of any potential action).

Firing blindly is usually prohibited due to the possibility of hitting something (or one) that isn't protected, or possibly so close that they would receive a point blank velocity hit. This can be quite painful, especially for those that aren't wearing any protection. It may be a referee, or someone that is leaving the field. It is often customary to simply surrender to a player within 20ft that would have the hit anyways.

Paintball Rules Part 1:

Safety in regard to your gun is important. You want your velocity under 280 FPS (feet per second). This can be checked with a chronograph and adjusted in the gun. Even at this speed it can cause bruises, above it can break the skin and cause a bad welt.

Keep your mask on at all times until the game is truly over. Most serious injuries happen to the face. It can blind you. A summary of ideal paintball rules follows:

Paintball Rules Part 2:

Paintball Equipment:

  2. Do not modify rental equipment. The owner maintains this for more than one use.
  3. Wear clothes to cover as much of your skin as possible. Not only can you experience projectiles coming at you, but also other natural environment which can be sharp at times too.

Professional air smiths should be the only ones to make modifications to air-delivery systems.

Paintball Rules Part 3:

The Paintball Gun:

  1. Always block ejection from the barrel with a plug or sleeve when not in play.
  2. Do not leave your weapon loaded and unattended.
  3. Do not look down your barrel or fire on any player that is less than 20 feet away.
  4. Be sure to maintain a velocity that is less than 280FPS at all times.

Being nice and getting along with other participants:

  1. Do not blindly shoot at unseen targets!
  2. Avoid cussing or using other un-sportsmen like language to other players (friend or foe).
  3. When your target is less than 20 feet range you should verbally command them to surrender rather than firing upon them.
  4. Do not fire on any un-masked persons (player or otherwise)

With a little bit of common sense and reasonable rules, everyone can enjoy a great day of paintball warfare. But when the fun is over, you want to be able to go home and get back to life. Do your best to see it this way with all you play with. You'll have fun many times and memories to go with it!

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