Paintball Safety Tips For Players

Important Paintball Safety Equipment....

Barrel plug- A paintball barrel plug is a must have piece of paintball safety equipment. It covers the end of the barrel, deterring the ball, from being expelled by accident. It doesn’t matter how confident you are with your gun- USE IT!

Safety catch- A safety catch keeps your gun from firing when it is not in use during a gam. It's either a physical or electronic device. The physical one is something that doesn’t allow the trigger to be pulled and the electronic is used in all of the electronic markers.

Goggles - NEVER TAKE YOUR GOGGLES OFF WHEN YOU ARE ON THE PAINTBALL FIELD. NEVER!!! Goggles are a no brainer when it comes to paintball safety equipment. You can't play without them.

Follow these paintball safety guidelines carefully to help prevent accidents:

A) Always wear proper paintball safety gear including paintball goggles, mask and pads which cover at least your eyes, ears, throat and head. It you don't you risk injury, which may include blindness and deafness.

B) Never shoot your paintball gun at others outside of an organized (and sanctioned) paintball playing field. Everyone playing must be wearing protective gear.

C) You should not point your gun at something you do not intend on shooting. For example, don't try scaring people with your paintball gun.

D) Never shoot anyone at close range.

E) Never shoot at fragile objects like windows or glass.

F) Paintball Safety...this one may seem really obvious, but you would be surprised...You absolutely should not ever look into the paintball gun Barrel.

G) As you leave a paintball game be sure to remove all paintballs first, then remove your co2 cylinder.

H) Avoid Frostbite! Keep exposed flesh away from leaking CO2, it can cause frostbite.

I) Don't use any paintball that are not specially made for paintball. Use paintballs that are non-toxic, and water soluble materials.

J) If you get sprayed in the eyes by paintball materials wash your eye out completely with clean water or saline solution. Do not rub your eyes. Consult your physician.

K) Don't transport or store your paintball gun with a charged CO2 cylinder or air system installed. And don't have the hammer in cocked position either. You could damage your marker.

L) Do not use your paintball gun unless you are totally and completely familiar with its mechanics.

M) Pressuirize your paintball gun only while the it's in use. And do not load the gun until you are ready to use it. Unload it right when you are finished.

N) If you gun requires cocking, never cock the Gun until you have selected a target.

O) Do not handle, play with, load, use or fire your marker while under the infulence of drugs or alcohol.

P) Don't fire frozen paintballs in your paintball gun.


I know, these seem like really obvious paintball safety guidlines, especially for experienced players. But it's always good to review these paintball safety guidlines now and then because maybe you forget. Hey, maybe you'll remind someone else or correct someone about paintball safety and save them from injury. Who knows. Just want to work on karma points on this one.

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