Paintball Signals

by Nick
(Barberton Ohio)

I just put a paintball team together and we decided to use hand signals to tell where other players are instead of yelling it. This way the other team doesn't hear or know what we are saying. We haven't really tried it but I hope it works

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Jun 10, 2015
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by: Charlndall

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Dec 14, 2007
hand signal
by: Anonymous

i've done that. it works good when they're isn't a huge time constraint

Oct 28, 2007
It won´t work in speedball
by: Anonymous

If your team is only going to play woodsball, probably it would work, but in speedball everything happens so fast that you won´t have time to look a your teammates. From my experience with my team, even communicating by yelling can often be hard.

Your way of thinking is not bad (in theory), but the reality is that the other team is probably going to mind their own strategy rather than react to yours. Besides, is faster to yell where everyone you see is, than trying a different hand signal to do the same. Remember, stealth doesn´t play a big part in speedball, only fast reflexes, strong communication, teamwork and a lot of skill.

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