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Stalking is fun with great Paintball Sniper Gear

Paintball Sniper Gear: A paintball game is a good test of survival skill and nerve. However hard you try to locate an opponent, you never know when a paintball from nowhere will hit you. Paintball is a game where stealth, accuracy and presence of mind separate the winner from the loser. To have a decent fire power at your disposal is a necessity if you dream of winning a paintball tournament. Buying a simple gun will not ensure victory. Only quality equipment with enough range and firepower will help you to out-gun your opponent.

Great paintball sniper gear: a tested strategy

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A paintball game isn't much different from a real life combat except that you will live after your charge ;-) Charging at the opponent while firing indiscriminately in the expectation of hitting as many opponents as possible is a very nice dream but like a nice dream it hardly happens in reality. Charging a well-entrenched opponent with a semi-automatic or a pump is a very foolhardy thing to do. Slowly paintball players have come to realize that it is not the number of times they fire per minute that counts but it is the accuracy, range and stealth that counts. Although stalking an opponent is less glamorous than a blinding crossfire, it is much more effective. Paintball sniper gear has therefore become a favorite pet of a paintball player.

Great paintball sniper rifle: what's the specialty?

Paintball sniper gear and it's main role? Getting around unnoticed is the first and foremost objective of a sniper. Since stealth and element of surprise are the two main weapons of a sniper, he wants to achieve maximum result with minimum shot. There is no room for error. The moment a shot is fired, an opponent gets a fair idea of the position of a sniper. Paintball sniper rifles must perform to its maximum potential and should be able to hit targets with great accuracy. It should have a pretty good range and a nice camouflage so that it becomes harder for the opponent to fire back.

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Key components of a great sniper gear

A great paintball sniper gear has quite a few components that actually determines how good and effective it is going to be. The barrel is a very important factor. Before getting on the field, every player must check that the paintball he is carrying match the barrel bore of his gun. A 12 to 14 inches barrel length is just the right size for a paintball sniper rifle. Flatline barrels are sometimes preferred because of their ability to shoot straight. The lesser the sound a paintball sniper rifle makes the better. The barrel plays a very crucial role in ensuring that the sound is smothered. It is always desirable to buy a gun that makes less noise. Only then the tactic of stalking with a paintball sniper gear will work. The gear must also be versatile enough to work in different types of conditions. Be it cold, hot, humid or dirty, the gear should remain as accurate.

Great paintball sniper rifle: performance matters not look

A player with a paintball sniper rifle is almost always as close to the ground as possible to avoid detection. A heavy rifle is sure to bog him down and restrict his movement. A lightweight rifle is the obvious choice of a sniper. A shiny paintball sniper rifle may look good but an opponent will also see it easily. A dull looking but accurate paintball sniper rifle is what a paintball player needs to get the better of the opponent.

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