Pro's And Con's Of Paintball Sniper Rifles...

Paintball sniper rifles have the same strategic intentions and limitations as regular hunting rifles.

Like regular rifles, paint ball sniper rifles are not capable of the rapid fire and portability that are needed for a dynamic gun battle. They are also not recommended for battle situations that require split second timing, as they tend to be larger than other paintball weapons.

Paintball sniper rifles are usually used by the back-up members of a paintball team who are there to cover the more front-line members as they engage in dynamic battle.

Paintball sniper rifles are usually used to sight and keep an eye on a renegade member of the opposite team. They are of limited use when it comes to frequently firing, rapidly maneuvering or engaging in multiple targets.

Flatline barrel paint ball sniper rifles have barrels that are curved slightly and have the ability to put the ball into a backspin. This causes the paintball to fly in a straight line through the air, rather than in the usual arc.

The ability to shoot a ball "straight" can be invaluable when playing paint ball in an area that is heavily obstructed with trees or bunkers. A flatline barrel paint gun can also add about 100 feet to your normal shooting range. This is why players who are placed to strategically guard other players or monitor renegade players are better off with a sniper paintball gun than an ordinary paint gun pistol or pump gun.

Another advantage to using a paintball sniper rifle is that the enemy is often confused by the "straight" angle of an incoming paintball shot from a sniper. They are used to dodging paintballs that arrive in curves and arcs through the air. This causes a bit of an optical illusion that makes the paintball shot from a paintball sniper rifle to seem to be slower than other forms of fire.

Seasoned paintball players call this fire from a sniper rifle the "floating effect." The paintball seems to hover in the air before it hits a target causing the target to become confused and ultimately splattered.

However, using a sniper rifle does have quite a few limitations. For instance, if you are about 100 feet away from a target, there is a chance that by the time the paintball hits your target, it will not break and splatter. Also it seems that paintball sniper rifles are much more sensitive to velocity. If the velocity is too high, the paintballs often misfire or don't reach the target. Experienced paintball snipers recommend setting the velocity of a paintball sniper rifle to about 280 to 285 feet per second to achieve optimum performance.

Although there are many paintball sniper rifles available on the market the cheapest way to own one is to upgrade the gun you have with a kit or a package. Owners of Tippmann A-5, Tippman 98 Custom or Tippman Model 98 paint markers can upgrade their markers by buying a Tippman Flatline barrel package. This flatline barrel package is a must have because not only will it upgrade your tippman market instantly, it will become one of the few paintball sniper rifles on the field which can be used in all forms of paintball combat! It's simply brilliant!

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