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What is it, a paintball sniper? Is a sniper a gun or someone shooting with a sniper paintball gun? Well, the truth is that paint-ball sniper guns don’t actually exist. It is also claimed that snipers (men or women) have never been real snipers but it is not at all like that.

There ARE snipers, but guns that they use are the typical guns for the game paintball. (Paintball Sniper is also a game that is played on some fields.)

Being a paintball sniper is a way of playing the game, not the type of gun which is used. Paintball snipers have to possess one very important quality if they want to be really good at what they do. This virtue is patience. In case you don’t have it you have to train for it, otherwise you can never be a paintball sniper.

“What is difficult about playing the role of a paintball sniper?”

paintball sniper

The answer is that being a sniper is a bit different than being a regular player trying to capture the flag. A paintball sniper has to use everything that can cover his or her movements. The movements of a paintball sniper don’t have to be sudden, but steady and slow, or the sniper may be quickly seen by his opponent. A paintball-sniper sometimes has to hold a position, well hidden in the bushes, or wherever they can, before making his or her way to the place where their opponent is.

Can you find the sniper (this is a photo of a real life army sniper)?

army sniper

But no matter how long the sniper has to wait, he or she is always alert for the next appropriate cover position. Using good camouflage and paintball sniper gear often helps snipers in their concealment. And of course they cannot become invisible, only difficult to be seen very quickly.

But as you know, the faster, the better, and that is the advantage of the sniper. Often, the opponent doesn’t know where you have taken him down.

Every type of paintball gun can be used. There is a type which is preferred: The pumps. Their advantage is that they shoot further than the others and use less air than semi-automatic paintball guns. And if a pump has the most appropriate paintballs and barrels, it becomes really accurate.

However pumps have disadvantages, too. One of them, as you may know is that they have to “pump” the paintball into the chamber, which is really difficult, especially when you wait in an ambush. It is much easier simply to pull the trigger, and just pulling it will never give you up. Of course, not everyone will choose pumps, but as it was mentioned before, it doesn’t matter.

The best cheap paintball gun for a paint ball sniper would be (at least starting with) a Spyder Aggressor, but adding a better paintball barrel. Any of the cheaper Spyders are good guns. If you have a couple hundred bucks get the Tippmann A-5 with a flatline barrel. This gun is awesome.

My high end choice would be an upgraded Tippman, a high end Spyder, or Angel. Tippmann is THE best value in terms of price, reliability, quality, and performance.

Also, an advantage of having a scope is that you can see where you enemy is before they even have a clue as to where you are. They are also very handy for all paintball players. Combine this with a decent gun and a decent barrel and you will be a very effective sniper (or regular player).

Closing thought: As long as you like your paintball marker and can put up with the idea of eventual waiting in bushes for long minutes before you get action as a paintball sniper.

...then go and have fun! And it's always nice to hear the angry and surprised voice of the opponent who was shot: “Where the --- IS he?”

Paintball Sniper Tips From Our Subscribers:

woodsball sniper

Paintball Sniper, by Joe (Oregon):

If you want to be a paintball sniper get the clothes to do it. Don't have bright colors, stick to the ghille suits and or camo. You'll have a better chance at them getting close and you shooting them. If you want to take it to the next level, get a longer berral for you gun or get a sniper paintball gun.

Sniping, by Adam Clarke (NS Canada):

Okay well at my local field it is all woodland and there is a lot of tall grass, bushes, etc...well during a game of hunter (3-5 people hid in the field, while the rest hunt them) I hid myself in my ghillie suit right off of a main path. Keep in mind I wasn't right next to the road cause thats just plain stupid. I was in about 4-5 meters. At about 3 minutes into the game 2 players were moving their way up the field along the path. They were right in front of me, the shot was so clear, but if I had have fired then I would have been spotted. So I waited until they made it a little past me. I then lifted up my gun and fired 3 shots, hitting them both. They had no idea where the shots came from.

This is just one example from this match of how pastience is key in "sniping" in a paintball match.

Sniping Tips, by Zach (ontario)

I have a bt-4 combat and a few add-ons for it an we kick but! Now on to the tips:


First you want to find a ideal location to sit and wait for someone to come along. it should have a quick escape and not to far from where the person will appear. they should not be able to see you(i like hillsides).


This does not have to be fancy dark clothing will do. but when you set up cover yourself with some brush and make sure any bright colors on your marker are covered.(such as silver and red)


First of all make no sound! Second choose a gun that does not make a lot of loud NOISE!


When you go to shoot if you have a red dot or scope use it. If the opponent is at a distance aim just above the head and you should hit them right in the chest or back. close range aim for the back or chest as these are your biggest targets.


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