How To Get Paintball Sponsors Interested And Sponsor Paintball Teams

Usually the biggest paintball sponsors are companies that manufacture paintball products, however just about any business, from the local fast food joint to the local hardware store could also be a sponsor. However, if you want to plan a local tournament, it is worth taking the leap of faith and approaching one of the big paintball companies to be a sponsor.

Paintball sponsors are the most willing to fund a team that has some kind of record of winning a tournament or even a championship. This trend often leaves smaller less successful teams in the dust because big sponsors like to attach their name to winners. This is because they know more people will turn out for the game and their product will get more exposure when they sponsor paintball teams that are successful.

Business owners and large companies are smart people. They aren't easy targets that walk around thinking, "we must sponsor paintball team". You have to sell them on it...

So what do you do if you have a rookie team with no track record and you love to play paintball but can't afford to pay for your tournament? First of all you have to earn the sponsor' s trust by explaining why they should fund your game. Some companies will sponsor a paintball team simply because they appreciate the hunger and enthusiasm that newbies have for this relatively new sport.

The best time to approach a paintball team sponsor is around October of every year when the popular "World Cup" Tournament has come and gone. This is when paintball sponsors start determining who they will sponsor the following year. If you are a rookie team it is usually the local paintball store or the paintball field owner who will make the decision about whether or not they will sponsor your game.

If you want to shoot higher than just the local folks than you can always submit a proposal to the marketing departments of a big paintball company such as National Paintball Supply Dynasty or Kingman. However keep in mind that these bigger companies usually have their marketing budgets already assigned to teams that are winning championships all over the world.

However, it is still worth a shot if you are serious about getting big paintball sponsorship, as once again, some individuals in these companies do realize the potential market value of newbies to the game. This is why it is important for you to explain to whomever you are approaching why your newbies and their friends who will be in attendance are potential customers of their paintball products.

You can also approach businesses outside the realm of paintball. They may purchase your paintball supplies for you if you offer to provide attendees to the event with stickers, posters or other forms of wearable advertising to the event. You can also offer to post the business's banner on the field.

Also before approaching a paintball sponsor make sure that you will be taken seriously by also submitting a business plan and a team biography. In your business plan explain exactly why this event would be good for their business. It also helps if you charge an admission and donate the proceeds to charity. Almost every sponsor, including paintball sponsors are more inclined to support a charitable event than one that is just for fun.


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