5 Paintball Squad Commander Tips

Learning basic paintball squad commander tips are a good

foundation to build your leadership around. In this article we will discus squad tactics to give you a good overview of what's expected from a squad of players.

A commander needs to direct his or her troops with authority and intelligence. Here are some paintball squad tactics to incorporate into your command:

As all of you skilled player out there know, a squad is a small group of players who are working towards a common goal or objective. A squad usually consists of no more than 6 players. Squad members must have certain skills as players, and as a collective, to achieve victory. Some of these skills include firing, patience, and the ability to operate with stealth. Beyond this skill set, your squad must act as a squad, even after the match is over.

Paintball squad commander tip #1: First, members should always attack their enemies as a group. If one of your fellow squad members is being attacked, the whole squad should be returning fire as if they were the person being attacked. Do not leave your squad-mate hanging. When one member of the squad is attacked, the whole squad is attacked. Use one of your squad members as a decoy and chances are that shooter won't know that there are five more of you ready to attack. Using this strategy, your squad can easily overpower and overtake your enemies.

Paintball squad commander tip #2: Patience cannot be stressed enough. Make very slow, deliberate and careful movements. Don't be like a bull in a china shop and give away your squad's position. Maintain your stealth and coordinate your fire. Once an enemy is spotted, signal your squad mates and get everyone in position. Be sure that all your mates are patient and wait for the group to fire at once. You will really enjoy the results.

Paintball squad commander tip #3: As we just covered, you and your squad should not be bulls in a china shop. The best way to perform as a squad is with stealth. Stealth requires slow movements, movements made under cover and staying low, especially if you know that your enemy is close. Also, keep your squad manageably close but far enough apart that your squad is still difficult to see. Remember that cover not only provides protection from being hit, but also to keep your body hidden.

Paintball squad commander tip #4: Along with the skills needed for squad success, your squad needs to communicate. Communication is a very important factor in squad strategy. Always talk to your squad mates. Coordinate your moves and alert your mates of your enemy's moves. Your teammates are extra eyes for you, so take advantage of the edge this can give your squad.

Paintball squad commander tip #5: Also, important to a squad is firing angles and potential. Remember to fan out, and not in a straight line. You can potentially destroy your squad mates' line of fire. If your mates cannot fire, your team is done.

Paintball squad commander tips are many, and we will cover more at a later time. But remember, when playing in squads, be sure to keep your team refreshed on these simple, but terribly important tactics. Your team will be a force to reckon with if you can stick together and master these concepts. Make sure your squad members each have a task that will assist in winning the match.

Finally, treat your team to an after match drink or dinner. You can rehash the match to determine what works and what needs work. The best way to learn is from your own mistakes or missteps.

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