Tips And Paintball Strategies

Are paintball strategies important? Answer: If you want to win more often than not, you must plan your strategy before each game.

For example, we just finished up a 5 game set of capture the flag on a friends property. The only two games we lost were games that started without a planned attack and defense. The games we won incorporated several paint-ball strategies.

Lets begin with a couple of intermediate to advanced paintball strategies...

If you are a beginner this page has interesting basic paintball strategies. Otherwise read these paintball tactics...

Study the opposing team. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses gives you an advantage because you can plan paintball tactics that work to your advantage.

For example, if you know who the stronger players are you can focus on them at the beginning. Then pick off the weaker players after you eliminate the stronger players.

Or, you can stay away from the stronger players side and work the weaker side.

Paintball Strategies: Your Skillset...

If you want to be part of a team decide on the skillset you bring to the table. For example, if you are a quick player, meaning you can run faster than most you may want to move up to the front of your team.

paintball strategies

If you feel that you are not as fast as your teammates anchor the back and support your teammates who are up front. Maybe protect the flag (if you are playing capture the flag or related games.) In our last game I protected the flag because my knee is recovering from an injury. I found this to be very challenging because you have to anticipate where your opposition is going to attack.

If you have an advantage in shooting skill, like shooting to your left or right, volunteer to move up the opposite side of your better shooting side.

Important Paintball Strategeis: Movement

Move into position. The game is won and lost by obtaining some kind of advantage. Paintball strategies that incorporate lot of movement usually have the advantage. In paintball the advantage is in movement (usually). When all else fails, shoot and move to gain an better position. Keep you opponent from viewing your next move by shooting at their position a few times, then move quickly to your next position. A better advantage is where you move to a position that gives you a better angle on your opponent without him or here seeing you get there.

Staying in one position increases your chance of getting eliminated. It does not increase your chances getting more eliminations.

If you don't get an angle on your opponent, move to a better position. And if you don't eliminate your opponent after a few attempts, move.

paintball strategy If you get to a better position, don't give your position away by immediately standing up and shooting like crazy. This will give your position away. Take a peak to see what your battle field looks like. There may be a few targets, or there may be an even better position (or bunker) in your grasp.

Paintball Tip: Pinching...

"Pinching" is very effective. Basically, pinching is wear you attack from both sides of the bunker your enemy is in. If you don't eliminate the player they may be forced to get out and this gives you a better opportunity to eliminate them. Paintball tactics that incorporate pinching are very effective when done properly.

Paintball strategies TIP:Make your first shot count. Aim, and then shoot. If your first shot misses, fire a few more shots quickly. Shoot in bursts because not every paintball will break when your target is hit. Then sit back into a protected position.

Fire at anything that is sticking out and exposed. That includes the gun, hopper, feet, visors, etc.

Advanced Paintball Strategies...

Practice shooting while moving. This is more difficult than it sounds. But it's also a very effective means of protecting yourself and also eliminating your opponents as well. Try to keep your gun as level as possible by keeping your body from moving up and down. If found that being in a slight crouch and running a bit slower than usual will make your shots more accurate.

Paintball Strategies TIP:

Set up a target and run side to side at different distances and try to hit the target. Try running slowly and at a slight crouch. This will come in handy on the battle field because most people are simply running and shooting with their gun flying around.

Paintball Strategies TIP:

Conversely, shoot in front of your opponents while they are running. Paintballs are not as fast as bullets so let your opponent move into the path of your paintballs.


paintball tactics

Look for a advantages throughout the terrain. For example hills and trees. You can start at the base of a hill and slowly climb up at a crouch. As you near the top, pop-up and take a quick look and then fall on your belly for protection. This way you get a good look to see what targets are available.

If you are protecting a flag and there are trees, look for trees that give you good protection and allow for movement. Or, try sitting in the tree and surprise a few opponents.

Paintball Tip: After they are hit, move. Also, look for holes and gaps to shoot through to hit your opponent.

The most effective paintball strategies will incorporate consistent movement.

Trick your opponent. Fire at an opponent from one side, keeping him or her busy. Have your teammate sneak to their weak side and eliminate them.

Find bunkers with good back protection to keep opponents from coming around and surprise attacking you without protection.

That's just a small taste of the various tips and techniques to incorporate into your next game.


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