Necessary Paintball Supplies For Paintball Players

If you want to play paintball you need the right paintball supplies to assure a fun and safe game.

First of all, the more important piece of paintball gear is the paintball gun (or marker). It's what makes the game - There is a large variety of paintball markers, but they are divided into five groups, according to their differences and way of working. The groups are: semi-automatics, pumps, pistols, electronic and stock-guns.

The most popular are the semi-automatics and pumps. The advantage of the semi-automatics is that they shoot as fast as you pull the trigger, while the mechanism of the pump is different- there you have to manually “pump” the paintballs into the chamber. And one of the things that make the pumps so popular is the accurate and further shooting.

Pistols are small, pocket-guns. Very often players prefer to wear them in special holsters, which are kept in the pocket. These guns are not so powerful, as they are powered by 12 gram CO2 cartridges. These cartridges can be useful for 10 shots, no more. So, that is why many players prefer pistols as back-up guns on the field (for example, when playing in woods).

Electronics are the best paintball guns. They are considered the future of paintball markers. Why? Because they are controlled by a computer chip and can expel more than 3 balls at a time, with one pulling of the trigger.

And the last type is stock-guns. They are not as popular as they are not at all powerful. Stock-paintball guns use only one 12 gram CO2 powerlet and can hold only 10 balls. That is why they are not very mentioned at all.

paintball supplies

Barrels are the next part of the needed paintball supplies. They cannot protect you from anything, of course, but having a good barrel can change your quality of playing at a great degree. Barrels are popular upgrades because many of the manufacturers "omit" quality barrels.

There are many brands, types, and colors of barrels. A barrel has to be smooth and well polished inside in order to prevent the friction between its surface and the rushing paintball.

Also, if you think that the longer the barrel the better, you are mistaken. If the barrel is longer than the standard 12 inches, there will be more friction between the ball and the inside surface. But you may still think that if it is longer the paintball will fly further, you will be disappointed again. The truth is that the more air pressure required forcing the ball out of the barrel, the nearer it will go. So, when you are going to ad a new paintball barrel to your paintball supplies, choose the one between 12 and 13 inches. Your paintball supplies are not complete without an extra paintball barrel or two to change with.


Another crucial item you need in your paintball supplies are the paintballs. They are small capsules with thin gelatin skin. Their insides are filled with a mixture of Propylene Glycol, Sorbitol, color dye and sometimes- a little wax. All of these compounds have a specific reason to be there with the others. For example, the Propylene Glycol is quickly and easily absorbed by cells and if you have ever asked “Why this paintball paint tastes so AWFUL?” It's the Propylene Glycol. The Sorbitol prevents the liquid from drying out and the color dye is for coloring the mixture. For more info on paintballs click here.


Paintball Supplies: Hoppers, tanks, tubes and appeal.

hopper First- hoppers. Hoppers are important to have as part of your paintball supplies. They are used to store the paintballs so you can reload them into the marker. Many of the hoppers are considered to assure fast and uninterrupted paintball flow, so when you shoot, a new ball is put on the place of the previous one. For achieving this, some hoppers even have blades that allow a constant ball-flow and can release up to 11 balls per second!!! There are a lot of hoppers on the market, but most of them can keep up to 200 paintballs, so there are hoppers that can satisfy each of your needs. It's a good idea to have an extra hopper in your paintball supplies in case it gets damaged or fails (an extra elbow which attaches a hopper to your gun is also an item to have in your paintball supplies.)

paintball tubes Tubes are designed to store your paintballs during games so you have easy access to them on the field. Without tubes in your paintball supplies (and more importantly carried throughout your game) you will not have any paintballs to reload in your marker. Tubes are not very large and almost all of them have wide mouths in order not to spill the balls out of them when refilling the hopper. And the last thing about tubes is that they can keep up to 120-150 balls, according to their size.

co2 And now, let’s say something about tanks. These things are refillable cylinders, filled with CO2, Nitrogen (N2) or compressed air. They are used to power the marker and according to their size (in ounces), the shots that the gun can produce vary from 100 up to 1000 shots. The tanks are often made of aluminum and manufacturers try to make them as light as possible in order to achieve great comfort for the player. The size of the tank can be from 9 oz to 20 oz and most of the tanks have a pin valve. Some players carry several tanks in their paintball supplies and during the game. If you are just starting out you should carry at least one with you during your game and have an extra one in your paintball supplies ready to go.

paintball harness If you want your hands free (you'll be carrying many things with you as you get more experience), you should have a look at the harness. The more you play, the more important a harness will become as part of your paintball supplies. Actually, it carries your more important paintball supplies...or gear. It is something like a belt with many pockets. In a harness you can put everything from tubes to paintballs. But, of course, the bigger the harness, the more things it can hold. It is extremely useful, especially when you have to refill paintballs or tanks during the game.

More Paintball Supplies...Clothing and safety equipment will also become a valued area of your paintball supplies. You want to be relatively comfortable in hot and cold days, and you also want to be safe. For clothing you can wear almost whatever you want (unless you are on a team and playing tournaments)! If you want, you may be dressed in camouflage clothes, or in bright easy-to-see colors. It depends on the game being played or whether you want to dress that way or not. However, you should always where clothing that covers your entire body (in the game of speedball it's not as important). Even if it's super hot out. The more you play, the more you'll want to use paintball jersey's and pants, gloves, knee pads, gloves, chest protector, and other specialized paintball supplies. Shoes: Wear shoes that cover your ankle if possible. Hiking boots are ok, but you may want t little more versatility like cross trainers.

paintball goggles

Masks. Masks (or goggles) are required in paintball. You'll want a comfortable mask and one that breathes well as part of your paintball supplies. There are a lot of different types of masks. There are masks that are face skull masks. They cover your ears, eyes, mouth and nose. Of course, there are openings at the mouth, so you can breathe and speak. The modern masks have such features as anti-fog and anti-scratch systems, or spherical lens for maximum peripheral vision, flexible visors to prevent you from being dazzled by the sunlight. Some of them even have hypo-allergenic form!!!


Three Important Safety Equipment Paintball Supplies...

ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY Paintball Supplies...

barrel sock The first one- barrel sock- this covers the end of the barrel, deterring the ball, from being expelled by accident. It doesn’t matter how confident you are with your gun- USE IT! Make it a permanent part of your paintball supplies.

Second one- safety catch- it can be either physical or electronic. The physical one is something that doesn’t allow the trigger to be pulled and the electronic is used in all of the electronic markers.


So, finally, you have seen almost everything you need if you have decided to play. And now, the only thing that is left is to go to the nearest shop (or site) and buy everything you need and go have fun.


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