3 Basic Paintball Tactics!

Paintball Tactics: Outwitting The Opposition...

The popularity of paintball has given rise to a lot of innovations in terms of equipments. The game of paintball can really become fascinating if all the tactical manipulation that a paintball player has to undertake is taken into consideration. The tactical decisions taken by a paintball player are quite unique. There are a lot of things that a novice needs to know about hiding behind a bunker or stalking an opponent. Teamwork and communication between teammates is the key to winning a paintball tournament. The 7-man paintball has turned out to be the world standard, with both the NPPL super 7 World Series (North America) and the Millennium Series (Europe) use the format.

paintball tactics

Paintball tactics to follow at the start of the game

A few things that a player should check before the start of a game are the adequacy of paintball and ample air supply. When in the field and at the starting point the teammates will do good to discuss among each other the strategies. While some must charge forward to take the opposition head-on, some will have to stay back to guard the flag. Some must be given the charge to flank the opposition and attack them from the positions they least expect. Speed is always a big advantage. The moment the horn is blown the players must run as fast as possible to the furthest bunker. Bunkers made of bush are generally not dependable as one paintball can easily get through and tag the player. Two players huddling together inside one bunker too is not advisable as it gives the opposition a bigger target to aim at.

Paintball tactics of shooting under cover

Simply hiding under a bunker or behind a tree will not help you in winning a game. Most players are not aware of the fact that getting too close to a tree or a bunker may leave them exposed to opposition fire. To give the opposition as little angle as possible, a player will do good to stand a couple of steps back from a tree or bunker. He should necessarily use his hiding place to his advantage by popping up from the cover and shoot at the opposition and then again duck for cover. There should be an element of surprise otherwise he might pop up to an on coming paintball.

Mobility and planning: key to paintball tactics

Of the various paintball tactics, snapshot is one useful method to turn defense into offense. When barraged with paintballs by the opponent, it is necessary to stay tight in the bunker but the position should be such that a player should be able to get up suddenly, fire a couple of shots at unsuspecting opponents and then again duck back. Communication between team mates can help safe movement as one player can ask for cover fire while he moves from one hide-out to another undetected. He then in turn can provide the cover fire for other players to move into position.

Paintball is indeed a game of great tactics.

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