Real Life Paintball Tank Wars

A new paintball tank game may interest you. It's called Tankball. You can only find this game in England, but for $139 you can get two hours in one of these babys. But it might be the mot fun you've had since your first speedball game. paintball tank You get to participate in a battle against other tanks, and you can have up to three teamates inside the tank with you. If you have the money, you might want to fily over to Northhamptonshire (England) and give Tankball a shot.

If this takes off in the USA, you'll be sure they won't call it Tankball. 'Futbol' in eruope became 'soccer' in America. We drive on the right side of the rode. They drive on the left. So there's no way we're calling it Tankball.

We hope someone with a lot of land that can be shredded up and painted in America starts a paintball tank ball field (ok, I can't help it. Tankball does sound good). But since there are so many lawyers and special interest groups running the USA now, it probably won't happen. Better get on over to Northhamptonshire for our tankball fix.

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