Paintball Teamwork

by Sam Blank
(Lancaster ,PA, USA)

For me the most important part of paintballing is teamwork. You can be the best player in the world and if you don't use teamwork you will probably fail.

Also you need to spread out all over the playing field. You need to be able to have eyes on all parts of the course or field.

Paintball Teamwork: by Zachary Griffiths(MA)

Hello. I'm ZAck Griffiths and my tip is to use teamowork for you small person team. Before or even after a game talk to your players and review what you did right or wrong. Try some plays like the shadow or the crosshair to greatly improve your offensive moves. When playing in a tournament, use moves and talk about what your going to do and take action! thanks.

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Dec 13, 2007
not quite...
by: Anonymous

Spreading one's team evenly throughout the field gives the team no particular advantage. This is likely to lead to a "fifty-fifty," in which case both teams find themselves stationary, firing repeatedly at the also stationary enemy. Fifty-fifty situations are not only inefficient, but rather boring for both sides.

Instead, find some sort of advantage in either your team, or your surroundings. Maybe your team includes many heavily-armed individuals with automatic weapons. This will make for a nice strong side, or perhaps a long-distance defense. Look for thick, heavy cover. This might influence a team captain to lead his team through one side of the field instead of the other. This will give the captain's team a strategic advantage.

Whatever the case, finding a strength and acting on it is a proven strategy. Splitting a team up into "thirds" will only give the opposition a obstacle spread thin.

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