Your Paintball Tool Box

Do You Have A Paintball Tool Box?

If not. Get one now, you'll be glad you did...The following is a list and description of the bare necessities you will need in your paintball toolbox (or gear box).

Gun Manual

You should always have this with you whenever you work on your gun. It contains trouble-shooting guides and diagrams of your gun. An underestimated paintball tool box tip.

Allen Wrenchs

On most guns you will need a good set of allen wrenches to fully take apart your gun. You can pick up a set a any hardware store. Depending on the type of your you have you may need either a standard or metric set. A crucial paintball tool box tool.

Screw Driver

  • Screw drivers are another tool you will need to disassemble your gun. An obvious paintball tool box requirement.

Another obvious paintball tool box item: Pliers

  • Pleirs can be used to remove or hold smaller parts.

paintball toolbox

Vice Grips

  • You may need vice grips to remove large items such as regulators. Remember to place a piece of cloth or leather under the vice grips to avoid damaging your gun.

Dental Picks

  • Dental picks can also come in handy when trying to remove orings. A swiss army knife has a plastic one that is less likely to break and is re-usable.

Teflon Tape or Locktite

  • Both of these products are used to seal threads on your gun. Paintball tool box tip: When using locktite be sure to remember that it comes in two types. The red locktite can not be removed, use this only on things you do not plan on removing. The blue locktite can be remove with little force.

Extra O rings, Cupseals, and Springs

  • These are things that can easily brake or go bad. Be sure to keep several sizes of orings in your toolbox.

Spare Screws, Bolts, and Nuts

  • You should always have spare screws, bolts, and nuts in your paintball tool box. These things can be lost or become damaged.

Gun Oil

  • Always keep some handy to re-oil your gun after you are finished fixing it. Check in your owners manual because some manufactures recommend different types of oil on there guns.

Spare Squeegees

  • Keep a exta squeegee handy to keep your barrel clean.


  • If your gun or hopper uses batteries keep several extras handy.

Replacement Goggle Lens

  • Never continue playing with a damaged pair of goggle lens, always keep a replacment pair ready.

Rags, Q-tips, Cotton Balls

  • Use these to help keep our gun clean.

Rubbing Alcohol

  • Rubbing alcohol helps remove paint that can build up on your gun.

Special Gun Tools

  • Some guns require special tools to be taken apart, adjusted, and repaired. Always keep these type of tools handy. These are just some of the basic tools and supplies that you should always have in your paintball tool box when you play. More on this topic in upcomming newsletters.

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