Tips Playing In A Paintball Tournament

If you've played in a paintball tournament you know it is one of the ultimate war games, and the adrenaline rush is unreal. One you look forward too.

A tournament is not lethal as a war game but the planning; the movement and the shooting skills required are both the same.

Paintball tournaments have become great crowd pullers. It is fairly safe to play and provides stiff and unbiased competition. For the players as well as for the spectators nothing can be more thrilling than a paintball tournament.

Like every other game, paintball has well defined rules, which are strictly adhered to. The tournament producer is the final authority on the addition or alteration of rules, and referees or Marshals control the proceedings, and their judgment is final. No argument on the field of play is entertained. The tournament producer has the power to modify any rule if the situation so demands.

Equipment and supplies...

Of all the equipment that is required by a participant, a correct paint marker and power system is very important. The marker must have certain manufacturing and safety guideline regarding trigger mechanism and safety devices, like a barrel plug which should be put on all the time except on the playing field.

A player is allowed to carry one marker and no external velocity-adjusting device is allowed. Markers that are semi-automatic in nature are allowed but fully automatic markers are prohibited in most of the paintball tournaments. It is the responsibility of the players to clarify with the paintball tournament producer before the tournament starts about the parameters that the equipment must adhere to in order to ensure against disqualification.

The markers cannot use anything else other than compressed air or carbon dioxide as power source.

Goggle system, primary safety device...

There can be no compromise on the issue of safety. It is clearly stated in paintball tournaments rules that every player, judge or spectator must wear goggles that meet the ASTM standard when the game is in progress. All the goggles must also have full-face mask and ear protection that are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a tournament. If the goggle gets sufficiently dislodged so as to expose the eye the players will be disqualified. A player can only remove it after taking permission from a judge. It should be worn properly otherwise the player will suffer from penal action.

Rules, ensuring safety and fair play

Clean and unmarked clothing is the first and basic prerequisite that players must meet.

Arms and legs must be fully covered and the dress must not be of the similar color to that of the judge.

Knee, shin and elbow pad along with neck protection must be worn on the outside of the players' clothing.

The clothing material should not be of a water repelling nature so that the marker cannot be wiped off easily.

Carrying artificial sounding device or shielding device on to the playing field is strictly prohibited.

Carrying weapons, paint grenades or any form of pyrotechnic device or silencer in the playing area is not allowed.

The Ultimate Referee can inspect any player or his equipment at any time of the game.

Any dispute with the referees' decisions must be sorted out after the paintball tournament is over.

If a player gets injured the referee can stop the play.

The players stand their ground but hold fire.

A paintball tournament never cease to amaze spectators nor it ceases to thrill the participants.

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