Paintball Turf Guide

paintball turf

Paintball turf has improved since the astro-turf days and gotten much better.Traditionally paintball players have loved the outdoor action, however inside paintball is also gaining some popularity as time moves on. When traveling the US you will indeed find many more outdoor fields, though abroad you will see a different picture. Paintball in Europe specifically is usually played indoors with quality paintball turf as seen above. The paintball arenas nearly all charge admission, and definitely those that are run as a business.

On an indoor paintball field you usually have to buy your own balls at the specific facility. This allows them to offset their costs and maintain a better indoor field for those playing to enjoy. They cost more than those bought elsewhere as a result.

The paintball turf on an indoor field is unique, and costs more. Often these paintball fields have a unique, and mysterious feel about them which will add to your entertainment. The turf will be artificial and more expensive to maintain than the natural turf growing at outdoor paintball fields. Cleats will likely be barred from use as it degrades the facility, and can cause a hazard to other players as well. They are truly an outdoor footwear enhancement.

During the summer it can be refreshing to play on indoor paintball turf, as you can avoid the hot temperatures outside that cannot be environmentally controlled. Between the absence of direct sunlight, and often air conditioning you may even be able to exert yourself even more breaking down walls you didn't realize you had stopping you from your best. Of course you do still have to wear all the protective gear. That's a given.

Though sadly, many indoor fields are going out of business too (and they need to get rid of their paintball turf). Though when you do find an indoor paintball field, you will often find incentives to head over and play. These specials along with different styles of game play can make it an experience of a lifetime. Watch for specials and come on in and try it out. Oh, did I mention that the indoor fields use glow in the dark paintballs that deliver yet another unique aspect? It's a blast especially among the younger crowds.

When in Oslo, or London be sure to find out what arenas you can find. It may even be worth the trip to you. When in the United states, you can find many more outdoor fields as there is plenty of room for them.

One other thing to take care with, is indoor paintball arenas that aren't professionally run. Hazard awareness and pre-cautions may not be taken which can lead to serious injury. During the blistering summer indoor arenas can really be a step above the outdoors, so with the right care you can chill out in excitement (at indoor paintball).

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