Paintball Vest Guide!

a paintball vest is a piece of tactical paintball gear and safety equipment. Tactical equipment has become very important in the paintball world, in fact it is now seen nearly as important as the paintball gun. One of the most important pieces of paintball equipment that people are turning to in the present is the paintball vest.

The paintballer vest is a versatile piece of equipment that offers so much that paintball players see it is an integral part of their set up for playing paintball, but why is this?

The paintball vest may be great for stopping paintballs from causing any pain at close quarters when fired into the body but it is much more than a barrier. Many players use a vest as it is lightweight and easy to maneuver in while allowing the paintball player to carry lots of equipment.

The vest is much like a hunters vest in that t has many pouches and pockets for various items, the vests are designed so the player can literally choose the pouches they want. The pouches available are as follows:

  • Id and map pouch
  • 2x pod pouch or 3x pod pouch
  • Utility pouch
  • Cross holster pouch (two sizes)
  • MP5 pouch
  • M4/M16/AK47 pouches
  • Pistol magazine pouch
  • Name tag pouch
  • Shotgun shell pouch

The reason why players can pick and choose the pouches they want to use is because the vest has large velcro sections on the front so a player literally velcros on the pouches they want to use. This unique design means you can make your own vest to suit the game your playing.

A paintball vest can come in all manner of colors so you can have your green camo, desert camo, all black and much more so you can blend in with whatever environment your playing in.

In a day and age of paintball that has advanced to extreme levels, players can now enjoy advanced paintball rifles and handguns and a whole multitude of accessories to go along with this. Of all the equipment you can use while playing paintball there is nothing more important than a vest that allows for you to choose the right pouches for you and then carry the required equipment for your paintball activities.

Many pro paintball players swear by their this gear so if you love playing paintball regularly and want to play like a professional then why not look to invest in a quality vest.