Paintball War With Friends

by John Howard
(Hyner Pa)

Me and my friend are getting a hole bunch of people together and starting a war. So I'm the captain and he's a special opp along with a couple other people that I know. When we get all our people together we need to get another team together so that we can actually have the war. I'm only aloud to have a pistol that I can carry but I'm not aloud to leave a tent they set up for me.So then I can also have a machine gun but I don't know if they have them so if they do it would help me out a lot. Also I need a couple of nice snipers that don't cost a lot and i think so far that I'm not paying for it all everybody's pitching. Everyone gets there own gun and maybe two so I need to get nice guns but cheap one too if that possible so that I don't have every little piece of crap and we lose because of you guys no affence. Anyway the war's in 2010 and we have enough time to get enough money together for the stuff that we need and if you can help me out.

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