Want The Paintball World Cup?

Sport is all about competition. The Paintball World Cup is the ultimate in


Top players always aspire to test their skills against the best in the business, and the bigger the honor the stiffer the challenge.

Winning the world cup is every paintball players dream.

Paintball is an extreme sport that demands very good physical condition. A combat field resembles a battleground where players armed with paintball guns try to hit each other out of the game.

Thrilling as it is, the game becomes much more interesting when it is played in a tournament format. Paintball world cup though a very recent addition in the sports calendar, is already creating a stir the world over.

A Killer American Sports Event

The last paintball world cup created hype like never before. The competition is slowly getting stiffer with the participation of teams are from America, Europe and also from as far as Australia and Japan.

The Walt Disney World Resort was the venue for the last paintball world cup and it was nothing short of a stupendous success. With over 100 vendors, 350 teams and 3800 paintball players the event simply caught the imagination of the people. For a week paintball players and their teams battled it out on the field and hundreds of people came to watch this unconventional sport from across the country.

The world cup not only offered great entertainment to the people of the region, it also brought with it good business prospect. The tournament has ensured that the game got enough promotion so that the paintball industry grew into a force to reckon with the future.

The paintball world cup has also proved to be a great ambassador for the game itself as the young and the old alike are getting hooked to the sport.

A fine source of entertainment

Paintball is developing into a game that is becoming a crowd favorite. It is a sport that is liked by people who do not want to kill or hurt. Throughout the world fishing has become a favorite past time. But there are people who consider this to be the height of wantonness.

Paintball game is all about survival technique and stealth. The world cup ran into rough weather initially as it was considered to be the propagator of violence and it was the onus of the organizers to prove to the people that the tournament had nothing to do with violence. The thoughtful promotion of the game ensured that it not only survived but also flourished to become a serious sporting activity with a large fan following and quite an amount of money involved as well.

A great ambassador of the game

The paintball world cup has attracted players from all over the world and this tournament has been alone a great advertiser of the game throughout the world. Growing at a rate of 25% per year this game is one of the major alternative sporting activities in the USA.

A sporting activity cannot be sustained for long if it fails to generate revenue. Organizers knew it too well and emphasized on aggressive marketing. People have got hooked to the game in such a way that they now spend $370 million on equipment alone.

Television has also helped the paintball world cup in getting a lot of exposure. Different companies who want a piece of the economic pie by sponsoring the events are now lapping up this new market that has limitless potential.

The paintball world cup has become a major attraction today.

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