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Studying and examining paintballing videos of famous tournaments is one sure

way to improve your game. These types of videos are in plentiful supply as paintballing is now considered to be the third most popular sport in the United States. On the Internet you can obtain paintballing videos at just about every level of participation, from rookie to professional tournaments. Players at the professional level are global celebrities who often travel abroad to compete in various international tournaments.

Paintball videos are as popular as videos of surfing, skateboarding and other kinds of tournaments. In 2003 over ten million people participated in paintball sports, with millions more observing as spectators. Thanks to the availability of paintball video clips on the Internet, it is possible to capture the highlights of these tournaments without having to travel half way around the world!

Paintballing videos that are available online and as DVDs basically fall into two categories: those that teach you how to play a better game and those that feature the play by plays of a fantastic tournament., which offers a comprehensive selection of videos from production companies that are known for producing great paintball videos. Some of the best production companies that produce quality paintballing videos are Pfilms, Truamahead, Adrenaline Paintball, Sportz, Warped Sportz Entertainment, Division One Films, 1 Shot Productions and 720 Video.

You can find educational paintballing videos at A featured paintballing video is Jason Morton's lesson plan that features pro tricks, safety suggestions and other techniques illustrated live by World Series Champs and Paintball. This site also sells the Ultimate Concept that is a great learning video for individuals that are aiming to compete in a professional tournament one day. Both video productions provide extensive instruction in drill movements, strategy, shooting, equipment and l field maintenance.

f you are a newbie to paintball and want to watch some fantastic paintball clips, there are certain team names and tournament names you should type that you can type into a search engine to find fantastic paintballing footage. To find paintballing videos try typing the following keywords into a search engine: Dynasty, Naughty Dawgs, Tonton's, Whackers, Wicked Junkies, Shockwave, Vicious, Atomix, Tippman effect, Backwoods Bbq, Draco, Outkast, Static, Fusion, Justice, Twisted, Rock-it Kids, Russian Legion, Stoned Assassins, Bad Company, Kapp Factory, Platinum, Redz, Avalanche, Paintballgateway, Strange, Nexus, Old school hustle, Evil factory and Joy Division.

If you are looking for a good tournament paintball video, the Toulouse World Cup 2001 might be a good place to start. This video, which was shot by Adrenaline games in conjunction with Facefull Magazine, was broadcast on Europe's Network version of ESPN and includes education about the basic aspects of the sport as well as footage of top amateur and pro teams in their quest to win the Toulouse World Cup in 2001. This paintball video received excellent reviews for being both educational and exciting at the same time.

Popular tournaments that are often

available as paintballing videos are the Las Vegas NPPL s7 Huntington Beach NPPL, and the Los Angeles PSP, BALL. Another popular paintballing video is the European Millennium Series. Currently this massive and celebrated tournament game is viewed in over sixty countries and then recorded for resale for viewers on the Internet.

Whether you are a professional or an enthusiast or simply love watching extreme sports than you will certainly gain a lot from watching paintballing videos. You can access the best paintballing video clips by typing in the team and tournament names as suggested above or you can try typing such popular keywords as paintball clips, paintball video clips and paintball videos into a popular search engine such as Lycos or Overture.

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