Partners Work

by Colton

We were playing at the local paintball field and had decided to try out a random tactic. We had decided to pair up in partners. On the break all the pairs found hiding spots sort of near the middle of the field. One partner would play regularly while the other one hid and let NO ON SEE HIM. (While this is happening have the shooting partner relay info). So the shooting partners all get out because they get rushed. So we waited for 1 second and the back ups (who no one on the other team knew about) all unloaded on them! It was awesome! They had no time to react and out of 13 rushers 2 survived because they were in the back. Eventually the 9 backups destroyed the 2 left overs. Some how the left overs had escaped.

Tip: Don't rush them unless you are absolutely sure they have only 1-3 people left

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