Patience is the Answer In Woodsball

by Rauser
(Mitchell Ontario)

Patience will help you get a long way in life, and woods-ball. Woods-ball is a slower paced game than speedball, and for some they just cant wait to splat someone, they tear through the trees looking for some one to shoot and making a big racket. This can be useful if you are planning an ambush and you are the decoy, but usually half the woods can find you easily. Find a vantage point that is camouflaged but has a good view of the terrain and wait. Sit there for half an hour or longer if you must, because sooner or later someone will come tearing along, and when you are sure you have a good shot, shoot. Even if you miss they likely will not be able to see you right away and you can hit them with the next few shots.

When moving, (because movement is important in all forms of paintball, look around as you move forward (with a low profile and quietly), look for places that you might choose if you were a sniper and look for movement. if you hear s shot duck or hit the ground, paintballs are slower than bullets so you may be able to come out unpainted, in those moments, look for a CO2 cloud, it is the easiest thing to spot usually, and fire some return shot. Then I advise seeking cover.

Remember always play safe, keep your mask on ALWAYS and HAVE FUN!

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Feb 08, 2011
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