Piranha Evo 2006

by Eric

I run a piranha evo '06 with the following upgrades:

Compressed air
SP linear 16" barrel
clamping feed neck
Evil Detonator Regulator (came with gun, just buy the special edition)
boss blade II trigger

fast (35bps max with T-Board) (tested with halo hopper and boss bolt)
cheap (100$)
accurate (hit a guy on the opposite side of the field from back Aztec, 1 shot)
efficient (one 68 3000psi fill lasts all night, and i shoot a lot of paint)
closed bolt (quieter)
Easy to silence (My 10" silencer brings noise down to a level of unnoticed at 20') (for those seldom woods ball games)

Trigger, don't even bother just buy a blade II
feed neck is a bit too high, but is tolerable
Stock board only does 23bps

I play a lot of X-Ball and speed ball with this gun. It is great and outperforms many guns there. It is fast, accurate and efficient; it also doesn't break like a spyder. This gun is very well fit for the intermediate player, and can hold its own ground against about anything.

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