Pump Paintball Guns Are Advanced And You'll Save Paint!

pump paintball gun

Many people look on pump paintball guns as something out of the dark ages, a way of looking back with a wry grin at what paintball was like in the 1980's but the truth is pump is still alive and kicking.

While today's paintball involves loads of equipment and guns that fire paintball balls ten to the dozen, pump paintball involves a lot of strategy and aim rather than spraying paint all over the park. It is this need for using ones brain when playing that makes many people turn to pump paintball as a means of enjoying a strategic game of paintball.

So why pump paintball?

There are many reasons other than the strategic element of playing that make many turn to old school pump paintball guns.

Well using a pump paintball gun will firstly raise eyebrows as many with their latest equipment will see you as easy pickings, but then you get to put many out of action in the field by using your skill and expertise with this brilliant old style gun.

This brings us neatly on to the next point, being up against others with what may be deemed superior makes one need to work on their skills out in the field and pump paintball allows this as pump paintball gun users duck and dive choosing the right moment to unleash a shot while others are spraying paintball pellets left, right and centre.

Only pump paintball!

Did you know that as many are turning to pump paintball there are some paintball venues that are offering pump paintball only events. These events are proving very popular as player get to enjoy a more tactical game where the games last longer and players think with there head.

It seems that those who have played paintball for a while are turning back to pump paintball as a way of improving their skills and finding a new way of enjoying their favorite game of paintball and taking it to a totally new hemisphere.

What does pump paintball do?

It hones your skills, grows your patience on the game and gives you the opportunity to prove that anyone can play paintball, but not many have the ability to play pump paintball and prove to be superior to those with semi-automatic and electric paintball guns.


If your looking for a new type of paintball game that will bring a whole new experience whether you play against fellow pump paintball players or you bring your pump paintball marker into the paintball arena with those who have more advanced paintball guns.

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