Save Paint

by Ezra Welton

I know most people go out with like four extra pods ready to throw some paint. But from past experience

I found that you can be very effective without all the extra pods. For an example if someone is ducking behind something, wait for them to expose himself instead of painting their shelter.
Happy painting....Ezra

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Oct 05, 2009
Saving paint another way
by: Nate

though this article is completely true laying in wait can proove even more beneficial. in a game scenario waiting can cost you though so you'll want to keep him down by paintbing him every time they pop their heads out, that way your partner can move up and get the kill from the flanks. in a one on one training fight however you might consider hiding down really good and making him look for you. after a while they'll become frustrated... and careless. that's when you light them up when you catch them out of their bunker, ripe for the paint.

Jun 11, 2009
I agree
by: Maldrin

This is a very true statement. If you be patient and wait for them to check to see if your still there that's a great time to pop their goggles. And your paint savings will be great.

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