Scenario Paintball In Africa!

by Gary Jones
(Tzaneen Limpopo South Sfrica.)

Getting A Look

Getting A Look

Even though I play mostly scenario in Africa, I don’t use too much gear as I like to stay light and fast!

I wear normal camo trousers and a baggy T-shirt.
I use a dye proto i4 olive thermal mask, if there was one thing I was going to spend money on it was on a decent mask with good visibility and that is what the dye i4 offers. My mask has never fogged up no matter how much I run or no matter what temperature it’s been outside.

The mask sits comfortably offers great sound carry in the field and the feature I like the most is you can look easily around corners and still remain a small target! Unfortunately if you are playing scenario not having a visor means you are going to scratch your lens a lot and because the mask sits so tight on your face it leaves your chin, neck and forehead with very little protection!

I am a player that is always in the front, my game is within ten meters of each other so emphasis again on the light and fast and small profile!

I use a bunkered 2 pod pack for extra balls, what I like is its light it’s exactly the amount of balls I need and can be used on my belt!

I use a normal spyder victor marker as it’s easy to maintain, no electronics letting me down and I can repair the marker in the field. I added a 16 inch barrel for added accuracy and slightly longer shots. To stop the barrel bursts I added a halo 3 electronic hopper and this combination does not let me down in the field.

For a slight bit of camo I use tattoo sleeves to disguise my arms and sniper shooting gloves to hide my hands it just helps to disguise the little bits of pink that an opponent can recognize.

As for shoes I use strong ankle high hiking boots, when running scenario games you got to protect those ankles!

Lastly and my most valued piece of equipment is a cricket ball box and male player who doesn't have one will soon realize why they are needed.

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Oct 06, 2015
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by: Ms. Aubree Denesik

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When you started your first entries?
I also try to develop my site (Scary Halloween Costumes), but I can't adverstand how you write so great articles.
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Jul 03, 2012
At Alex NEW
by: gary jones

howzit buddy,i cant say where your nearest scenario field would be. What we do is gather up a bunch of mates and ask who has a farm or knows of an abandoned compound and we mission in there and make the most of it!

We are in Tzaneen in Limpopo so if you ever in the area just look up Trigga Happi paintball and you'll find us....

good luck

Jul 02, 2012
laka NEW
by: Alex

Hy man. I was just wondering where in africa u are n play? I've been looking hard here in kzn for a place to play senerio games. N couldn't find anything.

Back to topic. Laka review. Going light is really important when its so hot. And there's so meny bushes and things to get cought it. Tatoo sleavs is a good idear. I'll try that! Cheers

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