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The Long Game: Scenario Paintball...

Paintball is not only about shooting opponent players with paintballs. It is about performing specific tasks during a specific time without getting shot.

Welcome to the ever increasingly popular scenario paintball tournaments. This type of paintball games lasts for about 12 to even 36 hours. All the participating players are divided into two teams and each of the teams have specific tasks to perform.

The participants too have their own role as individuals. The instruction cards are given to players and on-field referees judge when a player completes his task and awards him points. Winning a paintball scenario games depend on the level of cooperation among the players and not on the individual expertise though a few expert players in the team obviously help.

Good equipment is the key to winning scenario paintball:
Scenario paintball is a lot different than ordinary paintball tournaments. This difference calls for different strategies and introduction of new equipments that will help players to gain advantage over opponents.

Other than standard equipment like paintball masks, markers squeegees, hoppers, etc. there are other bits of equipment that become absolutely essential...

Since the playing area is often very large, communication between the players of the same team is necessary to launch a coordinated attack or fall back and defend. A walkie-talkie or a two-way radio is of immense importance in this sort of situation. Good communication will definitely give a tremendous advantage over the other team. Costumes must not be so rigid that it hinders a player from crouching or so heavy that it hampers quick movement. A global positioning system is a handy prop in a very large field. A flashlight is very helpful in darkness.

The novelty...
Competition determines winners from losers. In scenario paintball, however, there are no losers. The spirit of participation and rapport that is developed among players is rewarding enough.

There are various types of scenario games like the single day, 24 hours, mission oriented, etc. Single day paintball is relatively simple and easier to play. The games are usually 8 to 12 hours long and are played normally in daylight only.

The single day scenario game has two varieties: the mission oriented paintball and the big game paintball. Mission oriented scenario paintball is very popular. Here the day is divided into mission periods where the tournament producer gives the map and written instructions to the leaders of the two teams. Each mission is given a definite time period followed by a break. Two teams are directed to perform two opposite tasks like capturing a fort and defending the fort.

The winner earns points.

The single day big game is simple and popular. The two teams are given control over each half of the field. There are a few strategic points in the two half. The team that captures these posts wins.

The 24 hour scenario game is very complex. Here a lot of role-playing is involved and the presence of spies makes the game very interesting.

Scenario paintball is one of the most fascinating and thrilling games ever conceived.

Scenario Paintball and More Paintball Strategies, by Shawn (Colorado):

These tips are more for scenario paintball play. Does work for speedball in some cases as well though.

The gun a play uses says a lot about what u can expect out of them during play, the role they play in the game, and their experience.

Getting onto the field when you enter a field, see what other guns the other team has to play with.

The type of guns! This is broken up into parts:

Pump guns are not displayed as they are very rarely used...

A. semi-auto:

These players are usually beginners to intermediate players. They are not the best for cover fire (some semi are upgraded, for example (Rocking triggers) although still considered semi when in semi mode. They can fire as fast as a full auto if ppls fingers are fast enough.)

WARNING: when I say semi auto users are usually beginner/ intermediate that is not always true. I still use my spyder extra and I’ve beaten 3 military ppl and an autococker players with my bro. 2 vs. 4. Me and my bro both had spyder extras. So skill isn't just in the gun!

2B. Autocockers

These are the players that will give you the run for the money! They usually are very capable of firing a lot of paint within seconds and changing positions very quickly. There guns are not always the best for accuracy, but when you have 20 paintballs heading your way, ones bound to get close enough to get you if you are not fast. These players need to be taken out as quickly as possible.

2C. Rentals

When you see people with rentals, you shouldn't have to worry about them being a key factor in the game. Players that use the rental are usually playing for their first time. These guns are usually cheap and inexpensive and cant fire fast/accurate/ or decently. This is for most rentals not all!

2D. Scenario paintball guns

These bad boys are usually accurate, and most have a very fast rate of fire. You can tell they are scenario by their plain colors usually black or camouflaged, and some have military like looks. These guns usually fire in semi or 3 round bursts. A lot of them do have automatic capability. They can fire at you and hit you from decent lengthwise distances and cover fire very well. The players using these guns are usually in small groups of 2-3 ppl on average. Watch for them at all times, they are SNEAKY.

2E. Speedball guns

Look for the players using these at all times. You can tell which players these are as they guns are often brightly colored, have a flashy expensive-like look to them, and the players themselves have on jerseys and paintball brand paints often. These players are quick and usually fire A LOT in the course of a game. They are usually excellent snap shooters (see next article) and don't like playing from far distances.

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