Simple woodsball strategies

by Jason Buschbascher
(A place called Earth)

While playing woodsball, I find that if you surround toe oppositions known position or fort stealthily and have your entire team fire at the same time at different targets, you will destroy them immediately. I've done this with a team of me, and 2 other guys. We all collapsed on the opposition of 7 guys in a fort at the same time and wiped them all out in less than 30 seconds. getting in position is the hardest part about this. you must find a spot that is covered, but also give you an easy escape route if your guys are getting killed off to fast. this is a basic tactic, but it works 98% of the time. What about the other 2% you ask? that's when a bunch of n00bs play and get themselves shot out before they can get into position! if you follow these simple guidelines, you will be on your way to becoming a woodsball master.

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Jan 10, 2010
very good tactic.
by: karine

I really love this technics, they dont have time to react and hardly have time to realize they are being destroyed. When we tried it me and my team i really loved it...

Jan 04, 2010
Simple works best
by: Nate R. Freshcorn

i like this and other simple strategy because simple, simply works the best. a lot of squad commanders try to be clever and devise complicated straegies. i have personally been a victim of such leadership. not only are complicated tactics hard for new recruits to remember, but there's a lot that can go wrong with those strategies as well. simple strategies like this are easy to execute, and take only a little practice to get right. what's more its so effective that if executed correctly, a squad of five can remove an enemy installation as big as two times as many. i highly recomend this strategy to be implimented by any squad commander looking to increase their tacticall efficiency.

Dec 26, 2009
Finally got the message
by: Karen Kimberley

I finally gleaned out the meaning of your article amidst the poor grammar and mis-spelled words, and have to agree that this "age-old" technique really does work. Joshua used it in days of old when attacking the city of Jericho, the American natives used it when attacking the wagon trains encroaching on their home lands, war generals have always preferred this tactic,even though it wasn't always possible to implement. Of course, it is a tactic that will translate, easily, over into the game of woodsball paintball. Always remember, the bigger the tree or rock, the better the cover. LOL

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