Sitting Duck

by Jeremy
(Baileyville, Maine, U.S.A)

* In my experience paintballing I've learned to never stay in one spot for too long. KEEP MOVING! It's the best thing you can do, don't let your opponent(s) pin you down somewhere.

* I myself have been in several situations where I was pinned, I learned quick. Unless you have a solid defense or some sort of escape route try not to stay in a trunk, bunker, building structure, or any place that could be easily surrounded or cut off from escape.

* If you are stuck in a situation like that, when you are surrounded, take out the nearest few people and run that way, punch a hole through and get to some cover.
Most likely the remaining opponents will run after you, with out thinking they'll come in a line or strait at you giving you a chance to pin them behind some trees/or other forms of cover.

* If some how you are on your own don't panic keep steady and watch carefully for any sign of movement from anyone try to hit them as soon as they show themselves to shoot(remember) as soon as you duck for cover they may try to flank and/or surround you again
........Main point
1. keep it moving
2. don't let your guard down
3.have fun!

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Sep 14, 2015
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by: Ryan

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Feb 19, 2008
Nice Advice
by: Zak Attack

Great Advice! Im a pretty ammature player and have been pinned down in a bunker not knowing what to do becasue i was surrounded, every know and then i would poke out of my bunker and try and paint some players but it wasnt working and got me painted but now i know how to avoid that! thanks for the great info

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