Smart Parts Barrel Review!

by Colin Patjas
(Georgetown, ON, Canada)

Custom 98 With Smart Parts Barrel

Custom 98 With Smart Parts Barrel

Custom 98 With Smart Parts Barrel Inside The Barrel Smart Parts Linear 16 Inch Barrel

Smart Parts Linear 16 inch barrel is compatible with Tippmann Custom 98:

The custom 98 has long been considered one of the most reliable paintball guns, I've referenced it many times to the AK 47.

However its stock barrel steps only up to par performance wise with even the most rundown rental markers. I've bought many upgrades for my Custom 98, but by far the most important one has to be the Smart Parts barrel.

The first barrel I bought for it was actually a flatline barrel, however I became gradually displeased with it's accuracy, so I decided that for 60$, the Smart Parts barrel was literally worth a shot.

I was so pleased with it the first day I used it (I was playing in the winter) that on that same day I traded my flatline barrel for some extra paint.

This barrel is accurate enough that I've been able to successfully use red dot sights on my gun when it comes to shooting through tight nooks and cranny's the first time, giving the guy no chance to get away.

The Smart Parts Linear 16 inch barrel is ported nicely on 4 sides reducing noise and despite it's odd shape, is surprisingly durable, I have yet to put a scratch on it.

It even performs decently enough when there's a ball break, (which mostly has to do with my E board, cyclone feeder and probably the general bolt assembly) the only downside I can think of is that the barrel is shaped kind of funny, so you can't mount certain shrouds on it if you're into MilSim.

This simple investment is perfect for getting your Tippy up to snuff, though if you play indoor, you may want to consider buying the model in a smaller size.

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