Smart Parts Ion Review - The Best

by Adam Welch

Smart Parts Ion Review: Well I started off with this pretty average paintball gun, a Spyder TLR. It worked well and shot pretty good but chopped paint like you would not believe. Then I got pretty serious in paintball, I got the Smart Parts Ion one year for Christmas, and if you ask me i think its the best gun for intermediate players. I got my gun at where you can get pretty good packages it came with a Viewloader Quantum Hopper, a 3000 psi compressed air tank, a barrel condom,a mask,a squeegie, and gun oil. for an awesome price of $320.00. The gun works awesome shoots 17 bps, its light weight only 2.2 lbs. has breakbeam vision eyes so you wonk have to worry about chopped paint. Sooo I'm telling you the Smart Parts Ion is an awesome gun its worth the money trust me, go out and buy one

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